Corona Class Lessons on The Open Door

Corona Class Lessons on The Open Door

Corona Class LessonsIn a remarkable series of teachings collected in the Corona Class Lessons, Jesus and his brother in arms, Kuthumi, share priceless wisdom on brotherhood, constancy, Light, love, power, wisdom, faith, will, vision, sacrifice, the path of reunion with God and so much more! 48 exquisite lessons in all.

Join us by tuning in to an extended series of radio programs on The OPEN DOOR based on the Corona Class Lessons.

Every week, since May 16, we have presented a different aspect of the teachings in Corona Class Lessons, with special extended commentary on each from Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

We began, in Part One of this series Teaching Others The Way, stressing the importance of being properly prepared as we seek to teach others the way. This is all about knowing whereof we speak and realizing that we lead by example.

In Part Two, Learning to Hear the Holy Spirit, we focused on learning how to hear the Holy Spirit without interference or unnecessary ‘noise.’ This process can be neatly wrapped up in Lord Maitreya’s 3 D’s: Discrimination, Discernment and Determination…or KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING AND DOING.

In Part Three, Threatened by the Truth, we examined the very real experience of having God’s truth and the teachings of the ascended masters reviled, because they may threaten the status quo and the collective strength of entrenched orthodox belief.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to know about karma, reincarnation and the essential accountability of being a co-creator with God. And, of course, we all have free will, so this choice to remain unaware of cosmic truth must be respected (but there’s always hope).

In Part Four Life Is a Divine Opportunity, we looked at life as a Divine opportunity. In essence, we focused on Life as literally a manifestation of God…AND we touched on that power of God that we may individually exercise in our relationship with elemental life.

And, in our recent installment (Part 5 Regaining Our Lost God Power), we focused on uncovering our soul’s deep longing and eternal quest to regain the power we were endowed with by God when we were first created.

We hope you will join us as we deliver many more timely messages in this series inspired by the Corona Class Lessons.

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To learn more about the ascended masters and how to regain our lost God power, tune in June 27, Tuesday, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific for Enlightenment Master Class, Part 5…Regaining Our Lost God Power …on The Open Door.

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Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and KuthumiIf you are enjoying our Master Class programs, why not get connected to the source content on which this entire series is based: The Corona Class Lessons. This important book is a treasure chest of timeless wisdom filled with value for every spiritual seeker.

In this rare and exceptional work, the great master teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi (whom most of you will know from his previous embodiment as Saint Francis), share deeply meaningful messages on purpose, discipleship, immortality, being and more…48 lessons in all.

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