Enlightenment Master Class, Part 5

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 5

Regaining Our Lost God Power

We are on a quest. We may not fully know it yet, but we desire to regain the lost energy, the lost power we once had with God.

In the beginning, we were created and endowed with a full measure of God’s energy and power. Since then, this endowment has been slowly eroded, until we have almost completely lost sight of it.

But our original estate is not lost, and our souls yearn to return to the perfection we knew in the beginning. Standing in the way: inordinate and imperfect desire.

Our desires are like magnets that unerringly attract, by Cosmic Law, whatever we focus on. And we are responsible for whatever results our desires produce.

This is the basic explanation for the existence of our karma, both good and bad.

So, when we seek to return to God and to the fullness of our original creation, we must be willing to examine our desires and see them for what they are, without judgment or condemnation! Then we may regain our original heritage as true sons and daughters of God.

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