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TSL App - Android and iPhone ScreenshotsOur updated mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Play Android platforms brings The Summit Lighthouse and the teachings of the Ascended Masters to you with one simple click wherever you are…FREE!

Want to know more about your very own I AM Presence and Christ Self?

How about the Violet Flame, decrees, your three-fold flame, chakras, karma and reincarnation, and the ascension?

Or articles and videos on the archangels, ascended masters, soul mates and twin flames, the Messengers and the mission of the Great White Brotherhood?

Whatever you're looking for, you'll find your instant connection to it here. And it's FREE!

Our TSL app gets you connected to our huge resource of articles on the teachings of the ascended masters. Check out:

  • Conference, spiritual retreat and event information,
  • Product updates and announcements,
  • Pearls of Wisdom®,
  • Social media channels,
  • Newsletters and webinars,
  • Outreach presentations in Montana and around the world,
  • Summit University onsite and online courses,
  • Keepers of the Flame membership and lessons
  • …And much more!

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