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Teachings of the Ascended Masters

  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet Lectures

    Listen to Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivering heart-stirring dictations from the ascended masters and lectures on the spiritual path.

  • Christmas sale - homepage

    Spread the Light Christmas Sale 2018

    Christmas Sale – Books, CDs, DVDs, box sets, art prints, wallet cards, posters and portable altars! 25% Off Until January 1, 2019. While supplies last!

  • Mark L Prophet Lectures

    Sunday Lectures with Mark Prophet

    These wonderful lectures by Mark Prophet on spiritual topics to deepen your understanding of life speak to your heart, soul and mind.

  • Divine Spark Threefold Flame in the Heart

    Your Divine Spark – The Threefold Flame

    This flame that burns within your heart is the divine spark, the potential of your divinity. It is the gift of Life of the Creator to the creation.

  • Class of the Solar Ring

    New Year’s Conference

    Join us for the 2018-2019 New Year’s Conference: The Class of the Solar Ring, December 29th through January 1st at The Inner Retreat or online.

  • The Violet Flame

    The Violet Flame

    The violet flame is a spiritual energy, released today by Saint Germain, used by saints and adepts to accelerate their spiritual development.

  • Violet Flame – Alchemy for Personal Change book

    Violet Flame

    Gain practical techniques for using the violet flame to help you resolve everyday problems. Integrate the violet light into any spiritual path you follow.

  • Morya and You – Love

    Morya and You – Love

    Get to know El Morya from his different lives and from these 26 messages on love. See Morya in a new Light and gain a greater understanding of his heart.

  • My Life and Times with the Prophets

    My Life and Times with the Prophets

    Read Tom Miller’s stories of his experiences striving to draw down the highest art forms and music under the ascended masters’ sponsorship and his lessons learned as a disciple of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

  • Chakras and Human Aura Image

    Chakras and the Human Aura

    Activate, balance, cleanse and master your chakras with spiritual exercises, visualizations and mantras. An aura that is filled with light, is filled with God.

  • Ascended Masters Jesus and Saint Germain Image

    Ascended Masters

    Find out about the ascended masters who train us on the seven rays of the Christ consciousness, accelerating our path to the ascension.

  • Archangel Michael and Faith

    Archangel Michael and Faith

    Learn powerful protection prayers to Archangel Michael (St. Michael) and his guardian angels for your safety and security.

Recent News & Articles

  • Your Divine Spark, The Open Door

    The Path of Personal Christhood 3

    Within you is the seed and essence of all God’s creation. It is your threefold flame, a divine spark of fire from God’s own heart with which he endowed you in the beginning.

  • Excelsior

    The Celebration of the Christ Mass

    This is a new meaning of the celebration of the Christ Mass—that each year a new portion of your Christ Self becomes visible, tangible, even physical, descending then through the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

  • Nativity scene

    The Mystery of Motherhood

    I was aware that in my arms I held the incarnation of God even as I felt myself one with the motherhood of God cradling an infant humanity. For in this child.., was living proof of that which all mankind might one day become.

  • Lord Maitreya - kindness

    Be the Laughing Buddhas of Kindness

    Kindness is a series of actions that go forth from your loving thoughts and feelings. And the circles of your kindness never cease even as the rings of the stone thrown in the pond go to the very edges of a cosmos.

  • VIA Holiday message

    Volunteer Opportunities!

    The folks at Volunteers in Action are planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year’s Class. Many hands make Light work, so come volunteer and have fun with friends old and new!

  • 2018 Christmas Sale

    Spread the Light! The Summit Lighthouse Christmas Sale Is Going On Now! 35% Off through December 9th.

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