31. The Ascended Master Afra

  • What is race?
  • Where does the black race fit in the Great White Brotherhood?
  • Who is the black Ascended Master Afra?
  • Has Afra ever given a dictation?

Mrs. Prophet, some of our black brothers and sisters are wondering where they fit in the Great White Brotherhood.

Our black brothers and sisters are very much a part of the Great White Brotherhood. The black race was originally part of what was known as the blue race and the violet race, a high civilization that existed on the continent of Africa at the time of Lemuria.

The first ascended master to rise from the black race was the Ascended Master Afra. Afra is a soul of great light who evolved on the continent of Africa. The Ascended Master Kuthumi told us about this brother in a conference that Mark and I held in Ghana, West Africa, in 1972.

Kuthumi explained that this one was such a humble servant of God and so one with the flame of love that he asked to be called simply “a brother”—or frater in Latin. And so “a frater” became the word Afra. And from his name, the name of the continent was taken.

This great soul of light stands as the sponsor of the people of Africa today in their movement toward freedom and soul liberation.

Has beloved Afra ever given a dictation?

Yes. He has given several dictations. In September 1976, I held a conference at the University of Ghana in Accra. It was a conference on Ghana's destiny in the Holy Spirit, and at that conference beloved Afra gave a dictation. It was such a wonderful experience for me to see so many of our brothers and sisters who are part of these teachings in Ghana receive that message. Afra said:

I am your brother—not your Lord, not your master, but I am your brother on the Path. I have shared your passion for freedom. I have shared with you the hours of crisis when you beheld injustice, when you sought the LORD and prayed to him for justice and the LORD gave to you the divine plan for this nation and for this continent.

I have lived in your hearts these hundreds and hundreds of years as you have toiled under the burden of oppression from within and without. And although many have considered the outer oppression the greater, we who are among those who have graduated from this continent consider that the only true slavery is the slavery from within—the slavery of the carnal mind and its selfishness, its failure to sacrifice upon the altar as Abraham and Isaac sacrificed.

So, the failure to sacrifice the beasts of the carnal mind: this is slavery.

Now then, it is because some have been willing to make the sacrifice of selfishness that the outer slavery has also been broken, and it is the evolution of the people themselves toward the light of God that has given this new opportunity in this age to this continent.

I've always felt as though I had a second home in Ghana, so wonderful is the warmth of the people and the fervor of their hearts for freedom. They understand the Science of the Spoken Word because it is a part of their race consciousness, which goes way back to the golden-age civilization that they knew at the time of Lemuria.

Mrs. Prophet, what is race?

In the truest sense of the word, there is no such thing as the black race or the white race. Really no one is black or white, but all of the races that we find on earth have come forth from the heart of God under the seven rays—and these seven rays, as we know, are paths of initiation.

Those who are of the so-called white race came forth for the mastery of the yellow, the pink and the white flames—hence, the various mixtures and tone qualities of their skin. These evolutions were intended to place upon the altar of God the gift of their self-mastery in the way of wisdom, love and purity.

The members of what is called the black race have come forth on the blue ray and the violet ray. In the ancient civilization on the continent of Africa, their skin actually had a blue or a violet hue. These colors are related to Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.

And it is easy to see that those of the yellow race and the tradition of the wisdom of China—the people of the land of Chin—are on the yellow ray of wisdom. Individual nations also have their calling, or dharma.

We find, however, that down through the centuries, man has wandered from his high estate since his departure from Eden, and the pure colors of the rainbow of God are no longer reflected either in the skin tone or in the aura. Division has set in—and the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones. Instead of the races embracing one another as brother and sister, there is division: one race enslaves another race and the great unity of all children of God and their oneness in the flame is destroyed.

Beloved Kuthumi, who was embodied as Saint Francis, wrote a decree for brotherhood. I would like to offer it now as our gift of love for the healing of the scars and the wounds that have been caused by racial strife in this nation and every nation.

Decree For Brotherhood

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Holy Christ Selves of all earth's evolutions, beloved Jesus the Christ and Kuthumi, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water and earth! I decree:

Out of the One,
Thou, God, hast spun
All of the races of men.

By thy great Law
Do thou now draw
All to their God Source again.

Take away hate;
By love abate
All mankind's vicious intent.

Show thy great pow'r
Every hour
Of love and compassion God sent.

Divine love sending forth
The wonderful feeling of true divine healing,
Unguents of light now sealing
All of the schisms of men.

Stop all division!
By God-precision
Love is the hallowed law-key.

Ultimate peace,
Make all war cease,
Let the children of men now go free!

Stop mankind's friction,
All their predictions
Tearing bless'd heart from heart.

By God-direction
Produce now perfection
In thy great family—one heart.

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