Lady Master Nada

Lady Master Nada

Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Service

The ascended lady master Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray (purple and gold ray) of peace, ministration and service.

She is also a member of the Karmic Board, on which she serves as the representative of the third ray (pink ray) of divine love.

Nada is an initiate and master of the path of the ruby ray, and she teaches the unfolding of the rose of the heart, helping us to develop the sensitivity of the heart.

She is very much involved with the initiation and sponsorship of twin flames and the Aquarian age family. She also ministers to the world's children with legions of angels who personally tend to the needs of the youth.

Nada says, “I give you my love, for all else I have already given away.”

The motto of her disciples is “I serve.” Nada's keynote is Mattinata (‘Tis the Day), by Ruggiero Leoncavalio.

Lady Master Nada – The Sixth Ray of Service

Lady Master Nada, the soul's advocate before the bar of divine justice, unifier of families and twin flames, qualifier of Love as ministration and service to every part of Life—a path of deeds prerequisite to self- mastery on the Ruby Ray: The servant is not greater than his Lord.” and “I am my brother's keeper.”

Ministers, nurses and all who administer to mankind's needs assist Nada on the sixth ray.

Initiation: the Solar Plexus Chakra
Gift of the Holy Spirit: Diverse Kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues
Retreat: The Rose Temple, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA; and Jesus' Arabian Retreat, Saudi Arabia
Vibration: Purple flecked with metallic Gold and Ruby
Keynote: Mattinata (‘Tis the Day), by Ruggiero Leoncavalio
Gemstone: Topaz, Ruby, Alexandrite, Diamond with Pearl
Quality: Peace, Service, Brotherhood
Day: Thursday

Quick Prayer: “Beloved Ascended Lady Master Nada, in the name of the Christ: Instruct me in the mastery of my emotions so that I can be an instrument of peace in service to life.”

Nada's Previous Lifetimes on Atlantis

On Atlantis, the Ascended Lady Master Nada worked in the healing arts and served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The etheric counterpart of this temple, which is designed after the pattern of a rose, is centered above New Bedford, Massachusetts. She was also embodied as a lawyer on Atlantis, where she championed the cause of divine justice for the downtrodden and oppressed.

She spent several of her last incarnations in keeping the flame of life anonymously for her family and for other members of the community.

Awaken the Light Within and Change Yourself and Your World

Use the Science of the Spoken Word to Connect with Lady Master Nada

I AM my Brother's Keeper

I AM my brother's keeper.
O God, help me to be
All service and assistance,
Compassion just like Thee!

I AM my brother's keeper.
O Jesus, by thy Flame
Of Resurrection's blessing
Give Comfort in thy name!

I AM my brother's keeper,
O Presence of God so near,
The fullness of thy blessing,
Pure Divinity appears!

I AM my brother's keeper,
The guardian of his Flame;
In quiet power and knowing,
I love him in thy name!

Meditation upon Nada, Lord of the Purple and Gold Ray

“The queen of the chohans, the Lady Master Nada, who practices law before the bar of heaven, comes to portray the law of justice and the noble way of ministration and service. In her aura is the music of those blessed words “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” And in the presence of the lady chohan, you perceive the wonder of the feminine ray in the mastery of the seven rays. All is clear: You live to serve forevermore—forevermore in the service of the Lord.”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.

From Nada we learn the practical application of love and the path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.

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