Resurrection Flame – Spring Cleaning

Resurrection Flame – Spring Cleaning

This is an excerpt on the resurrection flame is from the 1991 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 34 No. 12 – Lady Master Nada's dictation A Purging Love.

The resurrection flame does flush out, does consume, does carry away, does refine before it comes to the final work upon your soul, clothing you in garments of the Sixth Ray, clothing you in that Light of Christhood.

Thus the resurrection flame brings to the fore all of the Good, all of the attainment, all that you have won as victory lifetime after lifetime, which the fallen angels have denied and taken from you, mounting upon you again and again the condemnation of Death and Hell itself.

Resurrection’s fire brings now new life, the green of springtime, the new shoots. And all that is less, all that is not to be preserved is taken away as you yourself reject it. Keep this. Reject that. It is a sorting process.

The resurrection flame sorts for you but you have free will. You must be able to look at things, records, people, situations, longings, unfulfilled expectations and say to them all:

“I am a God-free being complete in myself in the heart of God. I do not need this. I do not need that. I do not need the next thing. Others may need my belongings. Let them have them. I am a being of Love and Love’s resurrection. I will give Love and all else I have I shall give away.”

Be God-free, beloved, for in the way of life in this decade you may more easily meet an angel or an Ascended Master walking down the street than a discarnate entity–if you keep the ring of fire round about you. Let your presence be fierce in Divine Love, perpetually repelling negative forces! They come to steal your Light. Do not be entertained by them nor entertain them.

Move with definiteness of purpose! Move with the inner vision. Move with the awareness that you are a sphere of Light, you are a compartment of God’s consciousness and we use you twenty-four hours a day to bring Light, Light, Light–Light of the Central Sun, Light of the Sacred Heart, Light of your Holy Christ Self [to all servants of God in the earth].

Be a sending and receiving station. Be a beacon in the night. Be a pillar of fire and a lighthouse on the rock! Many have need of your heart’s love.

I call you to the role of angel, of Ascended Master and of teacher. I call you, beloved. For I present to you another vision, not that which you see on television as role models of glamour pass before you, as the soap operas play on and on out of the astral realm, those patterns insidiously entering the lives of many [who, by their attention on them,] are consigned to such a narrow band of this physical octave, such a narrow [space between] top and bottom.

Consciousness is narrow on this platform called planet earth. Have none of it! Expand into the third and fourth dimensions, beloved. Move in the earth as you are in what you are: the Great God Self in the process of merging with your soul, your soul in the process of becoming the bride of the Lamb.

Think big, beloved! Your Causal Body is vast, yet you use but a trickle of it. Your Mighty I AM Presence is all the Power, all the Wisdom, all the Love of a cosmos, yet somehow [your] threefold flame does not grow proportionately. It will in answer to your call but you must have the vision! You must have the understanding of just how mighty is the Lord and how much of that Lord can manifest through you daily.

O the Love of the heavenly hosts! O the divine pity for all upon earth! O the sense of joy, of hope, of courage we bring! These are days of golden sunshine, of hours infilled with the finest perceptions: a sense of co-measurement of who you are, who you have been for a million years and more, where you are surely going on the path of your ascension. With your determination fixed on the goal, blessed ones, by the grace of God you will not fail.

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