The Science Of The Spoken Word

Science of the Spoken Word – Studies and True Stories

Studies on Prayer and Mantras

Prayer Works
Even red blood cells could be healed or protected by prayer

Some Doctors Treat Their Patients With Prayer
As soon as I said the prayer, her pain was gone.

The Energizing Power of Gregorian Chants
Without chanting, the more sleep they got, the more tired they seemed to become.

Repeating Mantras Relieves Stress
Benson and his colleagues had uncovered a universal principle.

True Stories

Monks Report Extraordinary Mystical Experiences
Lightness and freshness, pleasantness of living, insensibility to sickness and sorrows.

An Angel Shows Carla Why She Should Pray Out Loud
An intense pink-white light enveloped me, and from behind I heard the rushing of powerful wings approaching at great speed.

Spoken Prayer Removes Intruder
I could see him silhouetted in the doorway. How could I get him to leave?

How Decrees Helped Jay Get His Own Space
He felt he was becoming a magnet for his coworkers' negative energy.

A Quick Fiat Works
She lost control and the car flew into the air.

Decrees and the 12-Stepper
It had been a rough road through drugs, alcohol and bulimia. Susan hit bottom.

Keepers of the Flame - Science of the Spoken Word

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