True Story – How Decrees Helped Jay Get His Own Space

True Story – How Decrees Helped Jay Get His Own Space

The partitions around Jay's work area couldn't keep out the noise—or the rude comments.

As soon as he would begin to type at his computer, his coworkers would start in with belittling remarks and distracting noises. When he began suffering from diabetes, they even joked about his weight loss.

Jay felt he needed to do something to protect himself from these seemingly harmless remarks, which came laced with a wallop of negative energy.

Since he had been practicing kung fu and chi kung (a Chinese system of energy control) for ten years, he had become sensitive to energy currents.

Jay felt he was becoming a magnet for his coworkers' negative energy. He knew he needed to find a source of spiritual protection.

One of Jay's friends introduced him to the Science of the Spoken Word, and he began to give decrees to Archangel Michael for protection. The first two times he decreed, he felt goose bumps. He described them as going “all the way around me from my head down to my feet.”

Then he heard an inner voice say, “Finally he's asking us to help him.” Jay knew he had found what he was looking for. He began decreeing every day, adding decrees to his routine of kung fu and chi kung. When he experimented with third ray decrees for love, violet flame decrees for transmutation and protection, he noticed an immediate benefit.

Jay says his decrees have helped “counteract negative energy” and “bring down the light” from his Higher Self. The decrees have also helped him to “reprogram” himself so that he no longer responds to the negativity of his fellow workers.

And through decrees, he finds that he can have his own space, even while surrounded by sarcasm and criticism.

Jay also believes that decrees help him to keep focused on God and have led to spiritual experiences and contact with his Higher Self and the ascended masters. He says the masters have inspired him with visualizations and spiritual exercises that he uses along with his decrees to further neutralize the negativity of his surroundings.

He believes the decrees opened the way for another unexpected benefit—his boss gave him a private office. Now he can decree during his breaks and work in peace.

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