Through the process of our reincarnation on earth, we were meant to evolve spiritually—to grow in spiritual mastery as we nurtured our divine gifts and developed our talents.

In the beginning, our soul was endowed with a unique and precious gift that we were meant to give to humanity throughout our incarnations. We were told that without that gift, the full flowering of our families, our communities and even our civilization would not take place.

God gave us free will so that we could lovingly affirm our calling to be co-creators with the Divine. Some of us even volunteered to embody on earth, angels in disguise, to rescue those who had come before us and had forgotten that they too had a divine plan and a mission. We knew that when we had fulfilled our reason for being, we would joyfully return to realms of Spirit to continue our soul's adventure.

Life Just a Revolving Door?

Our souls began the journey full of hope. We understood the true nature of our destiny. We knew that, above all else, we were spiritual beings charged with a mission to keep that spiritual consciousness alive on earth.

Somewhere along the line, we strayed from that path. We “fell” from that higher consciousness as the allure of the outer, human self and its trappings pulled our attention away from our innate, divine Self. We became self-centered rather than Self-centered, and slowly we began to forget the reason for our sojourn on earth.

The rest is history. Centered in our human ego rather than in the heart of our Higher Self, we were prompted to act in ways that did not always honor our inner spirit. We did a great many good things, but we also created negativity. Out of the misdirected need to protect the lesser self, we harmed rather than helped others. Then, by the law of the circle, we were not free to move on until we had paid off the karmic debts we now owed to others.

Overcome the Challenges of Reincarnation

Transcend your Past to Transform your Future
…with the Great Secrets of Transmutation

karma lessonsIs the legend of the phoenix rising again from the fire but the story of reincarnation? From God we came and to God we return, but day-to-day we catch glimpses that the movie Groundhog Day may be on to something…again.

Ever wonder, if we all just started at the beginning of this lifetime, why we were born with different aptitudes and talents, deal with different life challenges, and are driven by different aspirations?

Access your free karma lessons and discover how Karma and reincarnation are the X Factors in our relationships, health and the dropped stitches on our spiritual path. Break out of the karmic traps of mistakes you've made – once and for all!

Access Your Karma Lessons!

Opportunity to Fulfill Your Divine Plan

So now our soul's reason for being is not only to fulfill our original divine plan but also to balance our karmic ledger. Our soul, seeking resolution, is compelled to revisit those karmic encounters lifetime after lifetime until we find that resolution.

Earth, then, is like a schoolroom. We return again and again, reincarnating to take our lessons. Sometimes we learn from wise teachers, but in many cases our most important tutor is our karma—the positive and negative consequences of our freewill choices. When we learn all our lessons, complete all our assignments and prove our self-mastery, we will graduate from earth’s schoolroom and continue our soul journey in other realms as masterful spiritual beings.

Live from a Spiritual Perspective

So often in today's world, wealth and physical comfort are considered to be the hallmark of success. When we look at life from a spiritual perspective, we see that our priority is not material success, although it is a legitimate tool to help us fulfill our life’s purpose. Instead, we see that God’s priority for us is to get back into alignment with our original blueprint—to replace the human matrix, the misguided patterns of the human ego, with our divine matrix.

Once we recognize why we are here and how we got where we are today, the paradoxes of life become much more significant—and manageable.

Once we see our life as part of a continuum, not as an isolated segment in time, our perspective changes.

Once we see every today as part of the larger creative plan for our soul, our daily choices take on new meaning.

Further Reincarnation and Karma Resources

Reincarnation Articles

Jesus Christ on reincarnation

Did Jesus Teach Reincarnation?

What we see in both the Old and New Testaments is that the statements concerning the coming again of Elijah are so naturally mentioned that one has to accept the fact that they are being spoken within the context of an already established understanding of reincarnation. Malachi had the understanding of the coming again of the soul and therefore God could speak to him of the coming again of the prophet. The same with Jesus—he could give his disciples this instruction because they had a prior understanding of reincarnation.
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reincarnation - water lilly

How Important Is the Belief in Reincarnation?

It is the keystone in the arch of being. Without the understanding of reincarnation, we cannot really understand our soul's path of evolution. Many have noted with interest the incidence of genius (that some call a “gift” or “talent”) in art, music and science, or other aptitudes that appear at an early age, indicating the soul's resumption of the broken thread of identity.
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Jesus teaching on reincarnation

As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap

In the ninth chapter of John concerning the man who was born blind, the disciples ask Jesus, “Who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” That question is very astute; it shows that the disciples understood the law of karma and reincarnation. They knew that the consequence of sin outpictured upon the body would be some form of sickness or infirmity. They understood the interrelationship of karma within the family and therefore realized that the blind man's parents could have sinned or that he himself could have sinned.
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karma teachings of the ascended masters

Karma: Three Ways to Balance It

The ascended masters teach that there are three different ways we can balance negative karma: by enduring it, by service to life and, the easiest of all, transmuting it through the violet flame.

Our bad karma and energy patterns are not set in stone – any bad karma we have ever made can be changed from negative to positive.
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karma affects your astrology

Astrology Is the Handwriting of Karma in the Skies

Astrology—done well—is a very accurate means of plotting the cycles of returning karma according to the cycles of the planets.

The point of studying astrology, the handwriting in the heavens, is so that you can take appropriate action beforehand.
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twin flames and karma

Personal Karma Separates Twin Flames

Inasmuch as personal karma is the key factor separating twin flames and inasmuch as it is desirable that twin flames unite in service, the x factor that can make the difference is the entering in of one of the Ascended Masters …to sponsor that union by pledging to take on the karma that does keep apart those souls.
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karma descends daily

The Daily Descent of Karma

If we can rise early and give our prayers and fiats quickly before we go to work—or whatever is on our schedule—we can get a great percentage of that day's karma out of the way.

If we don't clear it, it just sits on us all day long and piles up. However, by the grace of God and by the mercy of the violet flame we can daily transmute it if we will.
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violet flame transmutes karma

Use Violet Flame Decrees to Balance Your Karma

Karma, then, is the weight that prevents the soul from flying. The less karma you have, the greater your opportunity day by day.

This affects all choices. It affects contracts—business, marriage and otherwise—those who are drawn to your life and those who cannot be, the children you may give birth to.
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