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Angels is a 13-hour video series with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Episodes include:

  • Introduction to Angels,
  • Archangel Michael: Angel of Protection,
  • Archangel Michael and the Fallen Angels,
  • True Stories of Archangel Michael's Protection
  • The Mighty Seraphim,
  • Your Guardian Angel, and
  • Introductions to the seven archangels.

Introduction to Angels

Angels are our guides, guardians and friends. Learn what the world's religions teach about them, and why we need them in our lives. WMP version (1 hour, in 15 minute segments)

Introduction to Archangel Michael: Angel of Protection

Archangel Michael is revered in many of the world's religions (Catholic:
Saint Michael; Hebrew: מיכאל‎, Micha'el or Mîkhā’ēl; Greek: Μιχαήλ, Mikhaíl; Latin: Michael or Míchaël; Arabic: ميكائيل, Mikha'il). Mikha'il or (in the Qur'an) Mikhal. Really get to know this mighty archangel and learn about how to actively work with him to protect yourself and your loved ones.
WMP version (1 hour, in 15 minute segments)

Archangel Michael and the Fallen Angels

Archangel Michael is known for casting Satan out of heaven. Learn about how Archangel Michael is still battling forces of evil on the planet today, and what you can do to help!

WMP version (1 hour, in 15 minute segments)

True Stories of Archangel Michael's Protection

Archangel Michael stands ready with his legions of angels to defend and protect you and your loved ones. Learn about historical references to his protection during World War I and other battles. Elizabeth Clare Prophet also shares the personal testimonials of many who experienced Archangel Michael's intercession in their lives.

WMP version (1 hour, in 15 minute segments)

Introduction to Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel brings the wisdom of God, illumination, and understanding. He is the archangel who sponsors the wisdom teachings of Gautama Buddha, Confucius and Lao Tzu. In this video, you'll experience a crown chakra meditation, special prayers for wisdom, and a series of Vedic mantras. Video, 1 hour

Archangel Jophiel and Christine: Contacting Angels of Wisdom

Archangels Jophiel and Christine work for the illumination of mankind. If you are looking for more wisdom in your studies, your work and even your day-to-day decisions, these archangels and their retinue are able to help! Video, 1 hour

Archangel Chamuel and Charity: Contacting Angels of Love

In this fascinating study, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals that divine love is the most opposed force on the entire planet. Archangel Chamuel and Charity will teach you mercy and compassion, loving care and concern for others. They are pledged to help you reunite with your twin flame, your original “other half.” You'll also gain a new perspective on the bands of angels called cherubim, often depicted in artwork as chubby, childlike angels. Video, 1 hour

Archangel Gabriel and Your Unique Purpose in Life

Archangel Gabriel, also known as the “angel of the annunciation,” tells mothers and fathers at inner levels when they should conceive children. He also teaches us how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Hear Elizabeth Clare Prophet share her personal experience meeting Archangel Gabriel face to face and how he revealed her specific mission for this lifetime. Video, 1 hour

Archangel Gabriel and Hope: Contacting Angels of Joy

Archangel Gabriel and Hope teach that one way to be joyful is to hold on to the light in your chakras. This spiritual light will not only help you to be joyful, but it will also help you in your creative efforts. In this lecture, you'll learn how to avoid substances and activities that drain your light and energy, and how to garner more and more light. Video, 1 hour

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary: Contacting Angels of Healing

Did you know that Mother Mary is not only the mother of Jesus, but she is also an archangel? In this program, you'll learn about Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary as the archangel and archeia of the fifth ray of healing and science. They inspire new cures and alternate healing methods upon scientists as well as those trained in the healing arts and the medical profession. You'll also learn techniques of visualization and prayer to help you in healing yourself and your loved ones. Video, 1 hour

Introduction to Archangel Uriel: Angel of Service

Uriel means “fire of God.” In the Book of Enoch, Archangel Uriel, along with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael, is “one of the four chief angels.” Meet Archangel Uriel and learn how you can apply his five keys to personal and planetary success through guided prayer and visualization as well as implementing his practical advice. Video, 1 hour

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst: Contacting Angels of Mercy

Archangel Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.” Archangel Zadkiel. This is also the ray of the violet flame. In this empowering video, you'll learn detailed information about the violet flame and how you can use this spiritual light to transmute your personal karma. Video, 1 hour

Introduction to the Mighty Seraphim

The word seraphim is derived from the Hebrew verb meaning “to consume with fire.” Get to know these fiery seraphim! Often depicted with six wings, seraphim are very tall. The seraphim are here to help you achieve your ultimate success—the ascension in the light. Video, 1 hour

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