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Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder

I AM Presence chartI AM Presence spiritual artAre we able to see beauty?

There is beauty everywhere in the universe, right where you are, the corner right where you are, as well as corners you've never seen or never dreamed of even in your wildest imaginations.

And then, in addition to seeing or perceiving, the one and greatest question of all is, “Are we able to be beauty?”

Mark Prophet spoke about the importance of art and the images that are impressed upon the third eye chakra:

All the images seen with the third eye are reflected in the soul. The soul is anchored to the physical body through the seat-of-the-soul chakra, halfway between the navel and the base of the spine. This chakra governs the genetic code, heredity, and the manufacture of the seed and the egg. The seat of the soul has six petals and is violet in color.

Because of the very close relation between the soul and the third eye, the soul is easily damaged by impure and imperfect thoughtforms and images. This is especially true with some of today's art…

The seat of the soul is the chakra of freedom. The movement toward “artistic freedom” in many cases actually accomplished the reverse. Because some modern art forms pervert the inner symmetrical blueprint of the soul chakra, they take away from the freedom of the soul. For what the eye sees is instantly mirrored in the four lower bodies. Dissonance in art and music is without doubt self-disintegrating to those who give their attention and allegiance to it. Fohat follows the imaged key.

Parents with young children should be especially careful of what they allow their children to look upon and listen to. Some children today have never seen thoughtforms of perfection nor heard a chord of classical music. For them harmony has no definition.

It is vital that children have established within them certain archetypes, such as the Madonna and Child, the father figure in saints and heroes, flowers, and internally harmonious objects taken from nature in her unpolluted state. Through the very mathematics of the molecular structure of things, there is instilled in them the aspiration toward a path of self-discipline that can be won by striving for excellence in all of the four lower bodies.

To the goal of offering spiritual art that is uplifting to the soul, The Summit Lighthouse offers the following spiritual images for your enjoyment and meditation.

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