Harpstrings of Lemuria – Winged Chalice

“If we want to increase the capacity of our mind to receive, we can envision the thoughtform of a cup, a goblet, a chalice. The moment you think of a cup, you may have a tendency in your mind to associate the cup with a little cold water that you are giving ‘in my name,' you know, as Jesus said. By thinking of giving something to someone else, something that they may need, you are extending your own ideas, through the symbol of the cup, into the lives of others.

“Let's change that cup now, put a foot on it and make it into a chalice. Immediately you think of the purification of the Holy Spirit, the descending dove coming down into the cup and you begin to feel that it is like a magnetic flux–a flux of light that is made by drawing down light rays into the cup and bending them to take the form of the cup.

“When the light rays bend in there, we suddenly get the idea of the accumulation of light rays, for they are overlaying one upon another like a patina. In the same way, we can take an object and coat it with gold, put a patina of pure gold over it. In this case, we have the cup in mind.

“Light descends from the Presence in the form of a dove and bends into the chalice and then piles up. You see, we can cause the light rays to just keep overlaying upon themselves until they increase in density. When you think of light, you think of illumination, or lumens, as light doesn’t have actual density, yet it is still a density of light, for we can mentally cause it to accumulate in a given spot.

“The value of thoughtforms in the expansion of consciousness relates to the human heart, for the heart has within it a chamber of great beauty. And as one can have chalices within chalices, so one can have geometric forms within geometric forms.”

Excerpt from Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 44 No. 1 – Mark L. Prophet, The Use of Thoughtforms in the Expansion of Consciousness

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