Etheric-Retreats of the Ascended Masters

Etheric Retreats

Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters

In recent eras, few among mankind have entered the etheric retreats and temples of the Great White Brotherhood. The retreats, once physical on the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, were withdrawn to the realms of perfection, the etheric plane, reachable only by the most advanced initiates.

With the dawning of the Aquarian age, however, lightbearers were given again opportunity to enter these retreats just beyond physical awareness. By means of soul travel, you can visit these spiritual retreats while you sleep, as time and space are merely coordinates of infinity.

Universities of the Spirit – Retreats of the Chohans

The chohans of the rays are the closest of the Ascended Masters to humanity. The offices of the chohans are divinely appointed by the cosmic hierarchy. Each one has attained self-mastery and won the ascension by serving humanity on one or more of the seven rays.

On January 1, 1986, Gautama Buddha announced that the seven chohans of the rays had been granted approval by the Lords of Karma to open, “Universities of the Spirit in each of their etheric retreats where they might welcome not dozens or hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands of students who will diligently pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays systematically, mastering most especially the first and the seventh rays…”

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The Seven Chohans and Their Retreats

El Morya, Lord of the First RayAscended Master El Morya, the chohan of the first ray, maintains his focus of the will of God on the etheric plane concurrent with Darjeeling, India.

Known as the mahatma Master M in Theosophy, he is the Chief of the Darjeeling Council. This council of ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood work with world leaders to bring peace between and within countries.

Ascended Master Lord Lanto is the chohan of the second ray, the yellow ray of illumination.

Lanto serves in the Royal Teton Retreat, the main retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent.

Working with educators and spiritual leaders, he is concerned with the illumination and real education of the youth of the world.

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian is the chohan of the third ray of divine love, the pink flame.

As the hierarch of the spiritual retreat at the Château de Liberté in southern France, he works with writers, artists and sculptors for the creation of art the honors the Christ in all. He sponsors the ascended master culture for this age and works with all who desire to bring that culture forth on behalf of mankind.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, chohan of the fourth ray – the white ray of purity, is the great disciplinarian of our souls.

Serapis Bey maintains the focus of the Ascension Temple at Luxor in Egypt. This is the place where candidates for the ascension are received, and it is considered the most difficult of these retreats to enter. Serapis Bey is the teacher of the path to the ascension.

Ascended Master Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray, the green ray of healing, precipitation and truth.

Hilarion is best known as his lifetime as the apostle Paul. He maintains the Temple of Truth on the etheric plane near Crete. He works with atheists, agnostics, skeptics and others who have become disillusioned with life and with religion.

Ascended Lady Master Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray of ministration, service and peace. The flame of the sixth ray is purple, the color of violets, flecked with metallic gold and ruby.

Nada's etheric retreat is in the Arabian Desert, where she works with Jesus the Christ and angels of Archangel Uriel's band to increase the fires of love and resurrection in people's hearts.

Ascended master Saint GermainAscended Master Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray – the ray of the violet flame. The seventh ray is freedom, mercy, transmutation and ritual.

Saint Germain is also the hierarch of the Aquarian age. The pulsations of the violet flame can be felt from his retreat over the House of Rakoczy in Transylvania and from the Cave of Symbols in the United States. He also holds classes at the Royal Teton Retreat and has a retreat near Table Mountain, Wyoming.

The Maha Chohan The Temple of Comfort is the retreat of the Maha Chohan in the etheric realm over the island of Sri Lanka.

With the seven chohans, the Maha Chohan initiates our souls in preparation to receive the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. The council chamber at his retreat is where the seven chohans meet with the Maha Chohan.

To learn more about the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, visit our website Masters and Their Retreats.

Etheric Retreats

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