Serapis Bey – Universities of the Spirit

Serapis Bey – Universities of the Spirit

Etheric Retreat at the Ascension Temple at Luxor

Ascension Class with Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray (white ray) of purity and ascension.

Chohan means Lord or master; a chief. Each Chohan is an Ascended Master with a mastery on a specific ray.

Gautama Buddha announced through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that the Universities of the Spirit would be held in the etheric retreats of each of the Chohans of the rays. Here they welcome tens of thousands of students who will diligently pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays systematically.

The service to life that Serapis has chosen is to prepare disciples for the ritual of the ascension.

Ascension Temple in LuxorKnown as the great disciplinarian, Serapis trains candidates for the ascension at his retreat, the Ascension Temple, at Luxor, Egypt. This retreat is in the etheric octave, superimposed over the physical Temple of Luxor on the Nile.

Individuals are admitted to his retreat only after they have successfully passed certain initiations. These are given by other members of the ascended hierarchy who act as the sponsors and teachers of unascended initiates. He tutors your souls while your bodies are asleep at night and between embodiments.

Ascension Retreat at Luxor

Now, to Serapis’ classes come the artists, musicians, sculptors, architects, planners—those who serve on the Fourth Ray as well as the most staunch disciples of every ray—to express purity, harmony, rhythm, balance and perfection in any undertaking. Military and intelligence strategists and all who serve in the armed forces, security and police departments of the cities—all receive special training here in the defense of the flame of Life.

To these and to all who seek entrance Serapis clarifies the rigors of the highest path to attainment, the path of the white light, of a purity that is won through service, self-sacrifice, and surrender to the all of God.

Serapis Bey’s methods of discipline are tailor-made for each candidate for the ascension.

After an initial interview by himself or one of Twelve Adepts presiding in his mystery school, devotees who come to his retreat are assigned in groups of five or more to carry out projects with other initiates whose karmic patterns (graphically illustrated in their astrology) forecast the maximum friction between their lifestreams. This test must be given in order that they may choose to be or not to be centered in God.

Soon it is clear that all idols of the tyrant self or karmic past must be surrendered if one is to merge with the confluent stream of the Law of the One.

Each group must serve together until they become harmonious—individually and as a cohesive unit of hierarchy—learning all the while that those character traits that are most offensive in others are the polar opposite of their own worst faults and that what one criticizes in another is apt to be the root of his own misery.

Aside from this type of group dynamics, individuals are placed in situations (both in the retreat and in their day-to-day activities) that provide them with the greatest challenges, according to their changing karmic patterns.

In this course of Serapis, one cannot simply up and leave a crisis, a circumstance, or an individual that is not to his liking. He must stand, face and conquer his own carnal mind and misqualified energy by disciplining his consciousness in the art of nonreaction to the human creation of others, even as he learns how not to be dominated or influenced by his own human creation.

When souls who have been placed in close proximity precisely because they have rubbed each other the wrong way for lifetimes have succeeded in smoothing their rough places, finally preferring God Harmony to all lesser gods of gosh awful tears and tirades, they proceed to chambers of advanced learning.

Here in the presence of Serapis the alchemical secrets of the Tree of Life may at last be made known to those who, weary of the world of desire, have subdued the passions and polarizations, conceding only to “be still and know that I AM God.”

These, then, are ready to undergo the rigors of initiation that will eventuate first in the ascension, the soul's alchemical marriage to the Holy Christ Self and then in the reunion with her God Presence and causal body through the ritual of the ascension.

Serapis has explained to us how important it is, especially in this Dark Cycle of the descent of earth’s karma, that we the Lightbearers come to his etheric retreat at Luxor and strive to win our ascension both from inner levels and on the outer, conscientiously applying what we have learned “out of the body” in the performance of the daily tasks at hand:

“For we count not one, but a number of ascensions each year as absolutely indispensable to the holding of the balance of Life upon earth.”

“Before God, you may declare the ascension to be your goal at the conclusion of this life, and call to your Mighty I AM Presence that your divine plan might unfold and that you might indeed be found worthy to be a candidate for initiations of the sacred fire and the Mother flame under Serapis Bey. Most assuredly, this call will compel an answer.”

Serapis Bey conducts Universities of the Spirit classes:

Download your PDF chart of the chohans' Universities of the Spirit calendar

This article was taken from Lords of the Seven Rays, and The Masters and Their Retreats, both Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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