Universities of the Spirit – El Morya

Universities of the Spirit – El Morya

Etheric Retreat Over Darjeeling, India

Retreat of Master El Morya

Darjeeling, near etheric retreat of El MoryaThe Universities of the Spirit class for the first ray is held over Darjeeling, India, at the etheric retreat of the ascended master El Morya.

The etheric retreats of the ascended masters are the temples of the Great White Brotherhood. Once physical on the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, these retreats were withdrawn from the physical octave to the realms of perfection, the etheric plane, reachable only by the most advanced initiates.

With the dawning of the Aquarian age, lightbearers were given again opportunity to enter these retreats by means of soul travel. You can visit these spiritual retreats while you sleep—as time and space are merely coordinates of infinity.

In 1986, Gautama Buddha outlined how the structured study with the Chohans of the rays would work.Each cycle starts with the Ascended Master El Morya and training on the First Ray of the Will of God.

El Morya holds classes in God-government and the path of personal Christhood through the soul's blueprint at his etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. His retreat, situated among the pines on the slopes of the Himalayas, is called the Temple of Good Will. Statesmen, leaders and organizers are among those who have an affinity towards the first ray and Master Morya.

The Darjeeling Council

The Darjeeling Council is a unit of hierarchy. I am its chief. Numbered among those who deliberate in our chambers are Saint Germain, Mary the Mother, Jesus the Christ, the Master Kuthumi, Chananda, the Great Divine Director, Lord Maitreya, and the Ascended Master Godfre. Assisted by many unascended chelas, we serve the cause of the will of God among humanity, in the governments of the nations, in the economic councils, in the social strata, in the institutions of learning, and above all, in the diamond hearts of the devotees.

El Morya's Fireside Chat

Let us go, then, to El Morya’s spiritual retreat and sit in on one of his famous fireside chats…

Traveling in our etheric bodies, we enter the library and take our seats in cushioned chairs before a crackling pine-log fire. We look up and the Master is seated in his favorite chair before us.

He begins to weave the story of the Great White Brotherhood's work on earth, of battles fought for the sake of nations—or of one single soul. Of the triumphs and failures of our lifestreams and earth’s evolutions.

He tells of the aims of the Brotherhood at Darjeeling whose credo is “I will,” their desire only to see men free from self-limitation, narrow-mindedness, and the ego-centered consciousness of the synthetic self. The Ascended Master El Morya challenges us to become chelas of the will of God.

Darjeeling, ascended master El Morya's etheric retreat
Darjeeling, India

The Crash Program in Chelaship and Initiation on the Path

“Here at Darjeeling we offer a crash program in chelaship and initiation on the Path for those who are willing to follow implicitly the demands of their own Christ Self and to respond with a flame that leaps and with eyes that sparkle with the kindling fires of soul discernment.”

Many have passed through the doors of Darjeeling.

“We have entertained the world’s statesmen in our retreat and we have received the humble chela. We have received all whose love for the will of God has been greater than the love for the will of the lesser self.”

He speaks of those who come to the retreat for counsel—souls “who serve in the governments of the nations, who serve as teachers and scientists and musicians, and those who control the flow of the will of God that is power, that is the abundance of supply.”

Now we hear the sound of an ancient bell intoning, and the Master explains,

“It is a call to the humble the world around, to the servants of the will of God, and to the avant-garde who would carry civilization forward into a new age. Morya summons chelas of the sacred fire who would become adepts, followers who would become friends of Christ, exponents of the word of living Truth, imitators of the Master, and finally the heart, head, and hand of our cosmic retinue…

“The path that offers much requires much. As you say in the world, you get what you pay for. The price is high, but then you are purchasing the ultimate reality.”

Let the Chips Fall Where They May

He pauses, then begins to speak more forcefully, cautioning: “Let it be made clear at the beginning that all who read the words of the Ascended Masters and all who hear our word are not necessarily counted as chelas of our will. Let it be quite clear that there are requirements. As the chips of wood fly when the pines in the forest are cleared, so the winds of Darjeeling blow. Let the unworthy chela be cleared from our path. We clear for a noble purpose—the ennoblement of a cause and a race. Hierarchy has also said, ‘Let the chips fall where they may.’”

He speaks of the problems burdening the world, and of the dire need for dedicated hearts to assist it. “The weight of world karma has never been greater.”

El Morya conducts Universities of the Spirit classes:

Download your PDF chart of the chohans' Universities of the Spirit calendar

This article is from the Forward to The Sacred Adventure, a classic counted among the richest of gifts in the mystical literature of East and West. Originally written by the beloved El Morya as letters on the Will of God to his students throughout the world, it is a treasure of timeless Truth for the soul's ascent to God.

For more information on El Morya and his retreat, read The Masters and Their Retreats, by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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