Ascended Master Hilarion – Universities of the Spirit

Ascended Master Hilarion – Universities of the Spirit

Hilarion's Etheric Retreat

The Temple of Truth

HilarionMaster Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, invites us to attend classes in his retreat, the Temple of Truth over the island of Crete.

“The dispensation of Hierarchy enables me to invite all who espouse the cause of Truth to come in their finer bodies to attend temple training and classes in Truth here at the isle of Crete, where the crystal ray merging with the emerald fires solidifies in the four lower bodies of man the blueprint of the City Foursquare, the geometry of the diamond-shining mind of God, and the cosmic cube that is the foundation of all spiritual building….

“When you come then to the Temple of Truth, be prepared for the reception of Lanello, our newly ascended Brother of Truth who by attainment wears the robe of our retreat and lectures in our halls, teaching and preaching as of old after the gospel of Jesus the Christ, who taught his disciples to become fishers of men.

“If you would be fishers of men, if you would carry the sword of Truth and wear our robe, then come and be initiated, and receive a just portion of the fires of Truth. For our God is a consuming fire, and he shall consume in this hour all that is allied with error and that defiles the image of the Holy Virgin.”

Souls come to the Temple of Truth in their finer bodies at night (during sleep) to be instructed in the fine points of cosmic law, the science of healing, mathematics, music, divine geometry and the laws of alchemy and precipitation.

Many who come to society today with ingenious ways of opening the doors of higher understanding in these fields have studied under the masters in this retreat.

Soul Travel to the Temple of Truth – A Prayer

A simple request or prayer can enable the angels to take you to the masters' retreats while your body sleeps at night.

Here is a sample prayer for safe travel to Hilarion’s Temple of Truth over Crete:

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, I call to Archangel Michael and his legions of blue lightning angels to protect and transport my soul clothed in her finer bodies to the Temple of Truth over Crete this night. Escort me, instruct me, guide and protect me as I work to set free all life on earth. I ask this be done in accordance with the holy will of God.

Ascended Master Hilarion conducts Universities of the Spirit classes:

Download your PDF chart of the chohans' Universities of the Spirit calendar

For more information on Master Hilarion and his retreat, read The Masters and Their Retreats, by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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