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What are the Pearls of Wisdom?

Pearls of Wisdom provide more than mere information—they inspire deep soul-searching study. They are a transfer of light and wisdom from the ascended masters to help you make sense of yourself, your circumstances, what is going on in the world—and universes beyond.

The Pearls of Wisdom, published by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958, contain teachings of the Ascended Masters released to Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The ascended masters are no strangers to your current spiritual path – when you discover who they are, you will find that you have been following and benefiting from the teachings of many of them already!

Investigate for yourself these wondrous ascended master teachings. Gain a greater understanding of the sacred, hidden Mysteries of Life.

“Take the volumes of Pearls of Wisdom. They seem simple, obvious. Each Pearl is a masterpiece of a mathematical formula for the release of light. When you drink the cup of that Pearl as your communion before you depart your body temple in sleep, your soul takes with you the inner formula though the outer mind may not have penetrated. And you follow that wavelength back to that master. And by and by, you increase in your God consciousness that awareness that grows and grows and grows like the unfolding of a thousand-petaled rose.”
—From “Light!,” by Surya, August 12, 1979, published in the Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 49 no. 4 January 22, 2006

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Printed Pearls of Wisdom®:

Printed Pearls of Wisdom are mailed out once a month containing four Pearls of Wisdom plus at the end of the year Christmas Card and yearly calendar.

To sign up for the print version, please:

  1. Go to the online bookstore
  2. Log in or create an account
  3. On the drop down menu, Click Products > Subscriptions
  4. Change the Quantity to the number of months you want (12 = 1 year)

Print Pearls of Wisdom Subscription.

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Electronic ePearls – Two Options

  • Currently available only in English.
  • Links to resource material for reading, listening and watching.
  • Invitations to conferences and seminars
  • New product announcements
  • Online storage archive

ePub ePearls of Wisdom

1. Current ePearls – ePub format:

The EPUB version of the printed Pearls of Wisdom are sent out at the beginning of each month by email. This version is compatible with all mobile devices – no side-to-side scrolling to read your Pearls.

Annual ePub Subscription

Quarterly ePub Subscription

“The POW are mind boggling! Always something new to discover all the time!

“Since, I finally got an iPhone and gave up my Android, I have been reading more Pearls of Wisdom via the Pearls Plus app than I can remember in any period of time before on the Path. It's amazing how technology, when used correctly, can accelerate things! I think it's really helped me a lot to feel closer to the Masters and integrate the teachings more and more. I also feel the Masters are tangibly directing me to certain teachings.” – CH

2. Current ePearls – PDF format:

This free version of the Pearls is the electronic (PDF) version of the printed Pearls of Wisdom sent out at the last week of each month by email.

Current ePearls PDF Sign-up

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Still Not Sure? Try the Free Introductory ePearls for 16 Weeks

Introductory ePearls

Free ePearls of Wisdom from The Summit Lighthouse16-week series of ePearls (PDF) by the ascended master El Morya outlining the spiritual path, covering meditations and calls to the seven chohans and the seven archangels. Elizabeth Clare Prophet said the purpose of this series is “to liberate your soul for the grand adventure of integration with the Cosmos through the path of initiation under the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.”

  • Currently available only in English.
  • Contain links to free resources for reading, listening and watching.
  • Relevant product links for further study
  • Online storage archive

Get Introductory ePearls

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Printed Pearls of Wisdom® en Español:

Las Perlas de Sabiduría en español

The Pearls of Wisdom® are available Spanish. Three different publishers around the world offer subscriptions to the printed Perlas de Sabiduría.

Please check out the information at Las Perlas de Sabiduría en español to find the contact information of the publisher closest to you.

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