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Pearls of Wisdom, teachings of the ascended masters

Our ePub formatted ePearls are more universally supported on Android and other mobile devices than the free PDF ePearls.

The ePub ePearls subscription is $2.95 per month. EPub files are archived, so you can always retrieve an ePub if it gets erased or lost along the way.

Epub Pearls of Wisdom emails are sent out at the beginning of each month containing:

  • Links to the four Pearl ePub files
  • Extra notices for conferences, seminars and new product announcements, and
  • Links to the ePub archive

The ability to subscribe is coming March 1, 2018!

If you have any problems or questions with your subscription, please email us at: TSLePearls@tsl.org.

Print Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions: To subscribe to the traditional print Pearls of Wisdom, go to Print Pearls of Wisdom Sign-up.

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