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ePub ePearls of WisdomOur ePub edition ePearls are supported on Android, Kindle and other mobile devices.

Before now, your only electronic version of the ePearls was the free ePearls in PDF format. This format, while suitable for desktop computers, is not accessible from many mobile devices. If you can see it on your mobile device, you do a lot of scrolling up, down and sideways to read the Pearl.

Get the best reading experience of the Pearls of Wisdom on your mobile device for only $2.95 per month.

Pearls of Wisdom ePub edition are sent out at the beginning of each month containing:

  • Links to the EPUB and MOBI files
  • Each file contains all four Pearls
  • Timely notice of conferences, seminars, and new products, and
  • End-of-Year Bonus: ePub containing the entire year's Pearls

EPUB and MOBI format ePearls available only in English at this time. If you have any problems or questions with your subscription, please email us at: TSLePearls@tsl.org.

Unfamiliar with EPUBs or eBooks?

Ebooks are electronic book files that can be read on portable phones, tablets like iPads, laptops as well as desktop computers. Online bookstores offer free apps that you can download on your portable device or computer to read ebooks.

In order to read the Kindle format (.mobi file) on your computer or mobile device, download the Kindle App from Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/fd/kcp

To read a .MOBI file on your Kindle, simply download the file to your desktop, connect your Kindle into your computer with the USB cable (same one you charge it with), browse to the Kindle in your file browser and drag the MOBI file to the Downloads folder on your Kindle. It will then show up in your Kindle, click on the book icon and start reading!

Barnes and Noble provides a Nook App to read the Nook format (.epub file) on your computer or mobile device, download at: https://nook.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-reading-app/379003593

Free Trial:

Download your free January-March 2018 EPUB!

EPUB Edition – For Apple, Android, and PCs

MOBI Edition – For Kindle devices and app

Internet browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer offer free add-on or “extension” EPUB Readers you can install on your browser. One of our readers recommended the Bluefire Reader which offers three different free readers to cover Android, Apple and Windows use.

Love sitting down with a good book? Get the Pearls of Wisdom in print

Print Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions: Please contact us to subscribe to the traditional print Pearls of Wisdom, go to Contact Customer Service.

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