Volunteers in Action (VIA)

Share your talents and support the mission!

The ascended masters have mapped out a magnificent spiritual path for us, rich for learning, growing and helping us to become who we really are.

As we mature on the path, there is a natural desire to give back. This takes the form of service, both in a spiritual and a practical sense, and occurs in the context and environment of community.

Volunteering is a way to help and support the mission of Mark and Mother through The Summit Lighthouse and its many outposts.

I came, beloved, because the geometry of my own causal body and the fire aglow in my heart measured sufficient to be the single flame on behalf of the entire lifewave….Are you ready for the moment when the single fire of your heart will be called upon to keep the light of a world?—Beloved Sanat Kumara, "To Keep the Light of a World" Pearls of Wisdom®vol 42 no 13, March 28, 1999

Ever wondered what you can do to help? Tell us about your gifts and talents - take this Volunteers In Action skill questionnaire!:

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