Seven Chakras, Your Sacred Energy Centers

Human aura and chakras over David statue

Concentric rings of the color rays emanating from the seven chakras denote the macrocosmic-microcosmic interchange of energy within the being of the new-age man and woman. And the outflow and inflow of energy which accompanies the process marks the integration of the soul with the causal body as it enters into communion with the I AM Presence.

We have described the rings of light which in the Christed ones are continually emanating from the heart chakra. Let us also consider that there is intended to be a continual release of concentric rings of light not only from the heart, but from all of the chakras. This release becomes possible as the individual consciously employs the chakras as distributing centers for the energies of the I AM Presence that circulate from the heart throughout the four lower bodies.

Day by day as the aspirant gains control of the flow of life through his being, the inflow and the outflow of the life forces in the chakras increase until the hour of the transfiguration, when all of the seven chakras, together with the secondary heart chamber, are simultaneously releasing the color rings of the seven rays and the eighth ray from the base of the spine to the crown.

In other words, although the entire aura is encircled by the rings that emanate from the heart, within that aura there are released concentric rings of the color rays from each of the other chakras. And these are according to the petals and their corresponding color frequencies that are designated for each of the chakras, which are as follows:

  • Base of the spine: petals, 4, color frequency, white;
  • Seat of the soul: petals, 6, color frequency, violet;
  • Solar plexus: petals, 10, color frequency, purple flecked with gold;
  • Heart: petals, 12, color frequency, pink;
  • Secondary heart chamber: petals, 8, color frequency, golden pink;
  • Throat: petals, 16, color frequency, blue;
  • Third eye: petals, 96, color frequency, green;
  • Crown: petals, 972, color frequency, yellow.

Here we begin to see, then, the vision of the wheels within wheels that was beheld by the prophet Ezekiel. Indeed, the chakras are the wheels of the law of a man's being whereby the energies of God are released to and from his being for the integration of his solar awareness in the planes of God's own Self-awareness.

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