Cosmic Cross of White Fire

Cosmic Cross of White Fire - original spiritual art by The Summit Lighthouse

“Lo, the light of the Great Central Sun magnet goes forth. Lo, we are that light. Lo, we are the witnesses in the heart of the Sun of the majesty of the cosmic cross of white fire. I bid you therefore, seal in your heart, seal upon your altar the cosmic cross of white fire as the image and the focus of your own momentum of God-determination to be counted among the firstfruits of the Lamb and unto God and unto the mighty threefold flame of Life…..

“Lo, I come with the seven archangels for the annunciation of the hour of the integration of the lightbearer in the earth, in the eighth ray, in the cosmic cross of white fire.

“Therefore let there be the connecting points of light of the cosmic cross. Let it be drawn, then, as the mighty forcefield of the figure-eight flow. And lo, the cosmic cross of white fire is superimposed in the mighty figure-eight flow of your own mighty I AM Presence and God Self, the beloved Christed One, the beloved soul. And there is a whirling action of the sacred fire. There is a rising of the mighty current of the Mother flame. There is a rising of the mighty current of the ascension flame from the base unto the crown, from the white fire core of your mighty I AM Presence unto your very heart.

“And lo, the sacred fire does flow. And lo, I AM THAT I AM.

“Therefore I bid you stand, making the affirmation and the confirmation of the cosmic cross. I desire that you shall now extend your arms and visualize yourselves as standing pillars of fire in the earth, as the very presence of the cosmic cross of white fire that is sealed in your very heart in this hour for the very reason that you have partaken in this service of light.

“And that replica of the cosmic cross of white fire that is placed in your heart is the marker on the hillside of the earth that God is come into the earth, that a Christ is born, and that this is the day of the appearing of the sons of God and that you may be the elect of God to join the hundred and forty and four thousand if you are not counted among the original to come into alignment and to be also counted in the initiation of the crucifixion.

“Therefore the Word is gone forth. Therefore I AM Alpha and Omega. Therefore I AM Alpha and Omega. Therefore I AM Alpha and Omega.

“O light of infinite fire, Elohim, release now the white fire of the heart of the earth for the changing of the worlds, for the consuming of darkness, for the consuming of that segment of Death and Hell which can be consumed in this hour because of the increased light that is manifest now in the heart of this messenger who stands upon this platform as the representative in the earth of Sanat Kumara and whose heart opens and expands for the delivery of that fire from out of the white fire core of the earth.

“Therefore the Mother flame goeth forth. Therefore the ascension flame goeth forth. It is the kindling light. It is the initiatix light. It comes now into your own heart. It comes with a mighty release, a fervent release of sacred fire. And there is a bursting of that flame within you. And therefore the Lord God Almighty and THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS so empowers you to take up your cross.

“Beloved hearts of sacred fire, take up that cross of cosmic white fire daily. Come and follow the Lamb on Mount Sion. Follow the Lord Jesus Christ whose mighty Electronic Presence, congruent now with the messenger, manifests the archetype of the crucifixion. And therefore as she is this hour upon the cross with him, so by the transfer of that light you are also upon that cross.”

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 23 No. 21 – Angel of Cosmic Cross of White Fire – May 25, 1980

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