Personal Karma Separates Twin Flames

Personal Karma Separates Twin Flames

The Masters Sponsor Twin Flames, Bearing their Karmic Burden

The Master Morya speaks to us of the sponsorship of twin flames by the ascended masters.

Understand that the highest and most perfect love begins with your individual expression of the heart, the expansion of that flame of love until all irritation is consumed and pride is not and you stand before your God truly worthy of whatever blessing can be given.

Inasmuch as personal karma is the key factor separating twin flames and inasmuch as it is desirable that twin flames unite in service, the x factor that can make the difference is the entering in of one of the Ascended Masters or of Padma Sambhava or Gautama or Sanat Kumara to sponsor that union by pledging to take on the karma that does keep apart those souls.

This sponsorship is like the sponsorship of the individual chela except it is the joint sponsorship of the twain.

Prayer of Twin Flames
to Balance Karma, Serve in Harmony

This, then, is a call you ought to include in your prayers. It is a call that says:
“O God, I desire to perform the best service and to fulfill my inner vow with my twin flame.

“If it be that karma does separate us and therefore our service, I pray, let the Lord God set it aside for an hour and a year that we might show ourselves worthy, plow the straight furrow, enter into the service of our God and our country and of world freedom that together we may choose to balance that karma. And we do choose to do so, Lord God.

“We pledge, then, no matter what may come, that if we be united, we will serve in harmony by the grace of God to first balance the karma taken on by an Ascended Master that that one need not carry for us the burden that is truly our own.”

Thus having so said, it is important to record on paper in your own writing this prayer and whatever you have added to it with the date carefully inscribed and with your signature. You may insert it in the book of the Everlasting Gospel (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 1, Path of the Higher Self by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet).

You must remind yourself to call to Archangel Michael to defend the highest encounter and to bind all impostors of your twin flame.

For as soon as the desire is set and the sail is raised on your ship, the false hierarchy will send in those of attraction, of glamour or of heavy karma or even the initiators that come out of the depths of darkness posing as the Krishna, the holy one of God that is thine own.

Prepare for the Perfect Union—Keep the Prayer and the Call

To prepare for the perfect union, one must have the vision and the inner tie to God that tells one of the lurking danger. Thus keep the prayer and the call.

And when all tests have been passed and the one sent is sent, remember that the purpose of that togetherness is truly first and foremost the balancing of that karma and the setting free of the Ascended Master that indeed has sponsored you and paid a price, the understanding of which will not be yours until one day you stand to offer yourself to pay the price for another.

The Ascended and Unascended Twin Flame

Now, it does often occur that this very call results in the ascended twin flame approaching the unascended one.

And thereby the union of hearts, as Above so below, can be fulfilled as the ascended twin flame does hold the balance of the karma while the unascended twin flame accelerates on the Path.

This union may become so great that the Ascended Master and the unascended chela may walk the earth as one at inner levels, and the Electronic Presence of the ascended twin flame may be upon the unascended one.

Thus that unascended one, having an aura of completeness, presents therefore to others a strength, a love, an ability to give because the source is wholeness, is oneness.

Earthly Relationships—Either Too Personal or Impersonal

This path of the union of the Ascended Master with the unascended twin flame must be prayed for.

Some of you are not able to unite in a very personal way with the Ascended Master who is your twin flame because of intervening personal relationships that have become, if I might tell you, all too personal.

And as a result, even the most intimate communion in the secret chamber of the heart with your Christ Self is too often interrupted by the sympathetic heart that is more attuned to the sympathies of other human beings than to the Christ of those human beings.

Aura of human sympathyThe auric profile of the sympathetic heart, the heart of self-pity, has been drawn in pastels through the Messenger [Elizabeth Clare Prophet] by Saint Germain. You can see its downward pull and the muddy aura that it produces.

The heart is depicted dripping with a red-orange human sympathy, which falls to the solar plexus, colors the soul and soul awareness, and eventually results in misuse of the base-of-the-spine chakra.

The antithesis of this type of misqualification of the heart is expressed in the one who is all too impersonal and therefore does not have a momentum for the release of the fires of the heart in love to brother or sister or pilgrims upon the path of life.

Thus, whereas the nonexercise of the heart results in hardness of heart, its misuse makes it become emotional and bowed down with that vibration of pity—pity, I tell you, that is not able to raise up oneself or the friend.

Learn the Discrimination of the Heart

Whatever you see in the world can be healed by the science of the spoken Word through the soul’s union with the I AM Presence, with the Ascended Masters, and with the twin flame, first at the level of the Christ Self and then in all levels of being.

Do not be concerned that life may be hard or situations may be painful. These are outer things and outer circumstances.

Live in the eye of the flame in the center of the heart. Perform thy duties with joy. Fulfill all things. And win thy freedom, not to escape but to be free to heal the world.

Thus let us turn the tables. Tarry with us, then, to learn the discrimination of the heart.

By the Ascended Master El Morya, from the conference “Born Free to Love: The Mission of Twin Flames Today – How to Join Forces with Your Twin Flame for Freedom,” published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 28 no. 33



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