Karma: Three Ways to Balance It

Karma: Three Ways to Balance It

Karma is sometimes called the law of the circle. It requires that whatever we do for good or bad returns full circle to our doorstep so that our soul can learn life lessons and gain self-mastery. We determine our own fate by our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Our free will choices in the past set the course for our current circumstances, and the choices we make today will determine our future.

The ascended masters teach that there are three different ways we can balance negative karma—by enduring it, by service to life and, the easiest of all, transmuting it through the violet flame.

We have all made both good and bad karma. But it's important to understand that our bad karma and energy patterns are not set in stone. Energy is always in motion and can be changed. Thus, any bad karma we have ever made can be changed from negative to positive.

1. Enduring Your Karma

Enduring karma means just letting our negative karma come back to us naturally and dealing with the consequences. Most people balance their karma this way, and it often  involves a certain amount of struggle or hardship. For example, sometimes when negative karma returns to people, it can make them feel tired or ill. Or they may find themselves frequently arguing with friends or relatives.

Karma can also return to people by way of a natural disaster, such as a fire, a hurricane, or a flood. Natural disasters often affect large groups of people who must work through their karma together.

2. Balancing Karma Through Service to Life

Service to life is a more dynamic method of balancing karma.  Life can be served through family relationships, jobs and in harmonious interactions. In fact, we can view everyone who comes into our life as an opportunity to balance karma—from the stranger we meet on the bus to our grocery store clerk to the surgeon performing our operation.

It is also good to look for ways to serve life that will earn additional good karma to offset negative karma. We can reach out to others and go the extra mile with them. Or we could care for a chronically ill friend, volunteer as a fire fighter or a hospice worker, mow an elderly neighbor's lawn, spend Saturdays working at a shelter for the homeless, clean up littered highways or plant trees in deforested areas. There are myriad examples of ways we can earn good karma in service to the life that surrounds us. And the masters say that this good karma of serving helps to balance any negative karma we may have made.

3. Transmuting Karma with the Violet Flame

The violet flame is a special gift from the ascended masters. It is the fastest way to balance karma. To transmute  means “to change energy to a higher form.”

Invoking this high-frequency spiritual energy can literally dissolve negative karmic patterns and help you gain self-mastery. When your are sorry for what you have done and give violet flame decrees, you are saturated with God's forgiveness.

You can also use the violet flame to erase mistakes you've made in the past that you don't remember. The violet flame can even transmute negative karma from past lives!

The violet flame may not be able to relieve all karma, because some of it may need to be experienced for the sake of learning lessons and growing spiritually. So even with the diligent use of the violet flame, bigger or smaller chunks of returning negative karma may need to be experienced.

The hopeful news is that this may take the form of what is called mitigated or “token” karma. Mitigation occurs when the full impact of karma can be lessened because of merit gained through service to life, dedication to a spiritual path or grace that is extended to the soul. So one may receive token karma to balance what would otherwise have been a more severe negative return.

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