Images of the Christ Mind

Images of the Christ Mind

This excerpt is from the dictation by Ascended Lady Master Nada published in the 1983 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 26 No. 51.

We, the ascended masters, have inspired upon our messengers and chelas mighty thoughtforms for you to understand inner symbols as well as realities. For the circle and sword of blue flame that you have seen on the screen over the White House is by no means a mere symbol. It is a cosmic reality wielded by every ascended master and cosmic being, though beloved Astrea in the office of the Maha Kali does wield the mighty power of that circle and sword effectively as the focal point and center of that dedication—and Archangel Michael and many of the blue-lightning angels.

That power to encircle, to draw off by the mighty whirling action of the Light, discarnates, nefarious forces, plots and intrigue, is mighty indeed— as mighty as the Almighty One himself who has endowed the instruments of Elohim and archangels and servant-sons and daughters on earth to wield that very power which is the omnipotence of the Godhead. Thus, the visualization and the riveting of the attention, combining with the science of the spoken Word, gives you an action and an immediate presence at the very point of the forcefield where it is originally given.

Through this vision of the prayer vigil for the world held in Washington, immediately by eye contact you are there! You are in the sanctuary, you are at the White House, you are at the Supreme Court and in the Capitol Building. You are wherever there is the defilement of the Word, and you are there, dissolving it by the power of Shiva.

This is intended to reinforce, fortify, and also activate your own native imagination. But you must exercise this faculty of the third eye which works hand in hand with the seat-of-the-soul chakra—the soul and the third eye together therefore manifesting a God-determination and the vision of the entire Great White Brotherhood of that which is to take place. Thus, you can understand that the visuals of the medium of video that you have before your very eyes are themselves another form and manifestation of our message.

Our message is that you must visualize the circle and sword of blue flame around every area that is a problem, that is a problem area of bombardment of forces not of the Light preventing the divine will and the divine solution. That circle and sword of blue flame will not and cannot remove aught except that which is darkness. It preserves the Light—the light of the Son of God, the light of the Almighty and the hosts of the Lord. It reinforces the free will of the individual within his own God Self to make a freewill decision.

The action of the circle and sword of blue flame will only remove that which is bane and preserve the blessing and the freedom, remove the illusion and the devastating forces that take over the minds of people when they may regularly take in drugs, cocaine, marijuana, even nicotine coating the brain. All of these substances prevent right action and right decision on the part of the leaders of the world and the leaders in Washington.

This dictation by Ascended Lady Master Nada is available on searching for the album “Discover the New Age with Saint Germain, Album 1.”

For animated spiritual visualizations using Astrea's Circle and Sword image, the DVD Astrea's Circle and Sword Over Regions of the Earth is available at The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore. The audio track of the DVD includes Decree 10.14 to Beloved Astrea led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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