Elizabeth Clare Prophet Lectures

August 19 – 25

Drink Me While I AM Drinking Thee

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I Will Be in the Heart of the Little Child

Dictation by Gautama Buddha

Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures

This lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and dictation by Gautama Buddha were given at the Harpstrings of Lemuria conference 12/31/1979 (1 hr 46 min.)

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This dictation is available in the Pearls of Wisdom I Will Be in the Heart of the Little Child.

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters
with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, traveled the world delivering heart-stirring, soul-awakening dictations from the ascended masters and the archangels as well as ground-breaking lectures on the teachings of the ascended masters, angels, the mystical paths of the world's religions, twin flames and soulmates, practical steps you can take to make accelerated progress on the path to your ascension, and more. The lectures presented here are a sampling of these teachings.

In pursuing the way of the ascended masters and our own union with God, Elizabeth Clare Prophet points out “We come to the realization of how powerful is the individual and how free is the individual. We don't have to wait till we are directed to do this or that. We are free agents of eternity. And we can go as high as we want to do, as high as we want to go every day of our lives.”

Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet Lectures

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