Sunday Lectures with Mark Prophet

In the Furnace of Creation Part 1 and Part 2

July 16 – July 31

 Mark Prophet, teachings of the ascended masters

This lecture by Mark Prophet was originally given 1972

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Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

Teachings of the Ascended Masters
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Lectures by Mark Prophet are taken from the audio series Sermons for a Sabbath Evening and Discourses on Cosmic Law.

They are for the understanding of life. They speak to your heart, soul and mind. When you hear to Mark's powerful voice, you sense that he is speaking these teachings from the heart of El Morya and opening for us the door to El Morya's heart.

Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

The Summit Lighthouse free online broadcasts of Sunday sermons and spiritual teachings by Mark Prophet on the ascended masters' teachings and the spiritual path. These lectures are changed weekly on Monday.

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