Summit Lighthouse Sunday Lectures

“Exhalation and Inhalation of the Breath of God”

Lecture by Mark Prophet

December 11 – 17, 2017

Mark Prophet, Discourses on Cosmic Law

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Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

Teachings of the Ascended Masters
through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Summit Lighthouse online broadcasts by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood

The Summit Lighthouse free online broadcasts for Sunday and Everyday are lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the ascended masters' teachings and the spiritual path. These lectures are changed weekly on Monday. All the lectures are available on audio CDs or MP3s at The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore or can be purchased and downloaded from the Ascended Master Library as audio MP3 files.

Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

Lectures by Mark Prophet are taken from the audio series Sermons for a Sabbath Evening and Discourses on Cosmic Law. These wonderful lectures were given by Mark Prophet on a wide array of spiritual topics. Designed to deepen our understanding, they speak to the heart, the soul and the mind of the listener. And when we listen to Mark's powerful voice, we remember that he is speaking these teachings from the heart of El Morya and opening for us the door to El Morya's heart.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet traveled the US delivering ground breaking lectures on the teachings of the ascended masters, angels, the mystical paths of the world's religions, twin flames and soulmates, and more. The lectures presented here are a sampling of these teachings.

In pursuing the way of the ascended masters, Elizabeth Clare Prophet points out “We come to the realization of how powerful is the individual and how free is the individual. We don't have to wait till we are directed to do this or that. We are free agents of eternity. And we can go as high as we want to do, as high as we want to go every day of our lives.”

Fleur de lis of Saint Germain

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