Enlightenment Master Class, Part 4

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 4

Life Is a Divine Opportunity

One of our goals in sharing the teachings of the ascended masters with you is to build a foundation of spiritual Truth upon which everything else is built.

One central and essential cornerstone that we would present to you as an expression of this goal is the understanding that God is Life/Life is God. It doesn’t get any more simple and basic than that.

Everything that lives is animated by God’s energy. Everything in God’s creation is powered by His very Life force.

This makes us, in the most literal sense, co-creators with God, because our every thought, word and deed is enlivened through the presence of God’s energy.

And this makes life a marvelous divine opportunity!

It is full of perfect hope, glorious love and an ultimate destiny which transcends all mortal dreams.

This also makes it imperative that every disciple of Light transmutes whatever outer condition seeks to corrupt the Life principle. And it must become a permanent idea that life for each of us is a manifestation of God!

Please join us, once again, as we sit together at the masters’ feet and absorb what may well be the spiritual teachings that causes a pivotal point in your life (the only way to go is up!).

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