Enlightenment Master Class, Part 2

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 2

Learning to Hear the Holy Spirit

As we continue our series on the Corona Class Lessons delivered by Jesus and Kuthumi for ‘teaching men the Way,’ one of the most crucial steps is learning discernment and recognizing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

This is essential, for when we aspire to become teachers of men and show them the Way, we must learn to recognize and attune ourselves to the vibration of the Holy Spirit.

It is like mastering a new form of communication. We must learn not to be misled by false love or psychic vibration.

In the world, there are plenty of false teachers, many offering pitches that on the surface may appear right, yet are designed for one purpose: to pull us off the true path!

By their fruits shall ye know them!

It is imperative that we learn to hear – and trust! – the voice of love in our hearts, the Holy Spirit, our true source of unerring guidance.
This is how we will reach those who can hear us and how we will inspire them to follow where the Holy Spirit and the ascended masters lead.

So please join us as we sit together once again at the masters’ feet and absorb quite literally the greatest teachings on the planet.

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