Enlightenment Master Class, Part 1

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 1

Teaching Others The Way

Imagine sitting at the feet of the ascended masters in rapt attention as they share their wisdom and understanding of Truth, cosmic law and the real reason for Being.

For many, this would be the answer to their heart’s deepest longing and, perhaps, the culmination of a journey through untold lifetimes and countless opportunities to re-enter the consciousness of God.

Good news!

There is no reason to imagine this, for the opportunity to study with the masters is real and available to you right now.

In a remarkable and timeless series of teachings called the Corona Class Lessons, Jesus and his brother in arms, Kuthumi (who was Saint Francis in a previous embodiment), share priceless wisdom on the path of reunion with God.

These lessons are beautiful, joyous, transformative and transcendental.

This is the boundless wisdom vouchsafed to the masters by God and freely given to us!

So please join us as we sit together at the masters’ feet and absorb quite literally the greatest teachings on the planet.

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