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What Can the Violet Flame Do For You?
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You have heard of the “fire of the Holy Spirit.” It is that delicate purple color you see in a rainbow. The violet flame is that frequency of the spiritual energy spectrum sought after and used for millennia by spiritual seekers, healers, alchemists and adepts around the world. Their goal: healing, forgiveness, the balancing of negative karma and deep spiritual transformation.

The violet flame is powerful, its effects are lasting and, best of all, you don’t need to be an advanced spiritual adept to use it.

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  • Accelerate healing and increase well-being
  • Improve relationships
  • Unlock creative potential
  • Expand awareness and increase mental clarity
  • Transmute negative emotions into positive and harmonious expressions of love, joy and goodwill
  • Balance negative karma, feel renewed self-worth and learn to forgive yourself and all of life

Readers Comments on Violet Flame for Healing...

"I woke up at 3 AM worrying, read the whole book and started working the decrees. I felt an immediate shift. I like the book's information and the simplicity."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"Well-written, succinct, gentle, relatable and personable. I like the people's stories."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"I like everything about this book. I loved the fact that it was put in simple, easy to read format."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"I like how simple it is to use the Violet Flame, yet how much it helps me."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"Such a positive, friendly, powerful, yet small book. Helpful and easy to read."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"Powerful changing ...very rewarding and interesting ...special book!"

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"A little book of such insight that it is now my constant companion. I feel good each time I read it & I intend to give copies to a number of friends."

Maltese cross of Saint Germain

"Loved it - easy to read, just enough info to digest and put to immediate use. Exactly the info I needed at the right time."

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