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The Agitating of Peace

The Agitating of Peace

Excerpted from Gautama Buddha's October 25, 1965 dictation published in the 1983 Pearl of Wisdom® Vol. 26 No. 8

Melodic stillness of Peace, radiate forth the cascading momentum of thy love, and let the world feel our peace—conveying harmony and balance from the Mind of God into the forcefield of individuality, bringing to every man’s doorstep the realization of the dignity of heaven and the requirements of this hour to the family of nations for the immediate manifestation of the Cosmic Christ as the crying need of the hour.

For the hearts of men require knitting together as never before, for the divisive forces of the world and the tumult created by antipathies which seem to flourish in this hour make it imperative that men understand how to preserve the values of spiritual missions to the world that are the salvation of mankind in every age.

Now, most gracious ones, as I come tonight to you—individually and collectively—it is somewhat to speak on a mission of love and a mission of gratitude. Men must understand that a mission of love is the fulfilling of the divine law by each individual, whereby he rejoices in carrying to mankind the boon of gratitude for the other lifestream and the selfless opportunity which such service brings to all. A reward imparting joy to another is indeed a means of imparting joy to oneself.

Stir Peace as With a Big Stick

You are the elect of God as you recognize the responsibility of the elder brother to stir peace as with a big stick so that it is also agitated and spread abroad.

Now the concept of agitating peace may seem at first to be a little different than that which you have thought about in the past. But let me call to your attention that all eternal values that are worth having require attention and energy and diversion of energy into the mainstream of thought so that individuals will apply the law of life, the law of their being, to a given situation at a specific time for a specific service.

You see, precious ones, there are many lonely hearts among the mankind of this earth. They are pilgrims. They come from afar. Many find life here disturbing to their sense of symmetry and balance. I would like, then, to speak to you, in connection with a mission of service, of the little children of the world and how dependent they are upon their elders for the release of some kernel of holy wisdom.

The little children need and require much love. This love is often only given through you. And if you close the door to that particular one that may be close to you that needs or requires your love or your service, you may indeed deprive them of a sole opportunity for solace and peace.

You do not at this moment realize how important the point of contact between yourselves and other parts of life is.

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