Understand the Times and the Seasons

Understand the Times and the Seasons

This is a time for excerpting from Saint Germain's December 2, 1984 dictation published in the 1984 Pearl of Wisdom® Vol. 27 No. 61

There is a time for sowing, a time to water, a time to watch the summer breezes and sun, a time for harvest, a time for going into the seed within itself.

Understand the times and the seasons:

There is a time for the coming of the Ascended Masters and the Avatar and the Divine Mother with us.

There is a time that is an interval of space where a civilization and a people must take that flame and demonstrate it.

There is a time when the dark ones move across the land and all are bowed down, and the trees also are moved by strong winds of dark desire and many of them are broken.

And there is a time for the coming of the Helper and the Comforter and the One who enlightens.

The Sine Wave of Spiritual Cycles

Take heed, then, that you understand that that which occurs on a planet and in spiritual cycles is a sine wave. Thus, it is written that there is a tide in the affairs of men. When this tide is taken at its crest, so it leads on to fortune, and that fortune is a divine fortune.

Thus, there is a tide in the cycles, the sine wave of being, and you must mark those points of the peaks and the lows. You must understand there are economic cycles, though they are denied. There are waves that are predictable in all areas of existence because they line up with the cycles of karma which have been observed and plotted on graphs by those who were inspired by us to warn humanity of the hundred-year cycles and more.

Therefore, you are experiencing cycles. Do not count, then, on another day as an opportunity. When you have the maximum attunement and Light, it is time to capitalize on it. It is a good investment that will bear fruit from your causal body. At the moment that you have the greatest Light to invest yourself in the greatest Word and Work for God, it is like being on a giant roller coaster.

When you have the momentum behind you and the wind in your sails, I say, make the most of it. For the hour comes when you will harvest that which you sow and you will be on the receiving end and it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to undo the course you have set in motion.

Thus, if you do not sow, you do not reap, and then you are hungry in the winter.

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