Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 26 No. 8 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - February 20, 1983

The Agitation of Peace

Missions of Love, Gratitude, and Service

Melodic stillness of Peace, radiate forth the cascading momentum of thy love, and let the world feel our peace—conveying harmony and balance from the Mind of God into the forcefield of individuality, bringing to every man’s doorstep the realization of the dignity of heaven and the requirements of this hour to the family of nations for the immediate manifestation of the Cosmic Christ as the crying need of the hour.

For the hearts of men require knitting together as never before, for the divisive forces of the world and the tumult created by antipathies which seem to flourish in this hour make it imperative that men understand how to preserve the values of spiritual missions to the world that are the salvation of mankind in every age.

Now, most gracious ones, as I come tonight to you—individually and collectively—it is somewhat to speak on a mission of love and a mission of gratitude. Men must understand that a mission of love is the fulfilling of the divine law by each individual, whereby he rejoices in carrying to mankind the boon of gratitude for the other lifestream and the selfless opportunity which such service brings to all. A reward imparting joy to another is indeed a means of imparting joy to oneself.

You are the elect of God <1> as you recognize the responsibility of the elder brother to stir peace as with a big stick so that it is also agitated and spread abroad.

Now the concept of agitating peace may seem at first to be a little different than that which you have thought about in the past. But let me call to your attention that all eternal values that are worth having require attention and energy and diversion of energy into the mainstream of thought so that individuals will apply the law of life, the law of their being, to a given situation at a specific time for a specific service.

You see, precious ones, there are many lonely hearts among the mankind of this earth. They are pilgrims. They come from afar. Many find life here disturbing to their sense of symmetry and balance. I would like, then, to speak to you, in connection with a mission of service, of the little children of the world and how dependent they are upon their elders for the release of some kernel of holy wisdom.

The little children need and require much love. This love is often only given through you. And if you close the door to that particular one that may be close to you that needs or requires your love or your service, you may indeed deprive them of a sole opportunity for solace and peace.

You do not at this moment realize how important the point of contact between yourselves and other parts of life is. You see, precious ones, functioning as we do from the invisible world, we seem very remote to those who cannot see us or feel our radiance—and God seems also remote to them. The only point of contact they have with reality is the repetitious patterns and habits of daily living which they term “real.” But in their hearts they know that this is not enough, and they cry out with great longing for a release of true understanding and harmony into their world—some quality to assuage their loneliness and to be a balm to their aching heart.

You, precious ones (and others upon the planet), are chosen by the Most High God, as you have been ministered unto in the past, to now minister unto others in little ways which bring delight to those who look to you as to God for some shining ray of comfort and the balm of peace.

Oftentimes these things seem very trivial to you and you are inclined to think in terms of getting rather than giving. In those moments you become temporarily self-centered. And you feel in those moments the fleeing of peace. For when self-centeredness flourishes, mankind become unpeaceful, inharmonious, and are plagued with a flight of doubt, a flurry of distress. This is easily understandable, precious ones, for in thy givingness thou art emulating the Most High God, who uses the periphery of your world to contact others and instruct them.

Now I know full well that there are schools of thought that continue to stress—and in many cases, rightly so—the need for personal contact with the Most High, with the Divine Presence. This is well and good; and for the advanced student, it is vital and necessary. But for the little people of the world— the “miniature” children, those who are not any more than babes—there is a great requirement for the nourishment of comfort. These look to you and to others of mankind for love and for a mission of service.

I know full well that many deny them this balm, that many give barbs of unkindness where love and understanding are needed. But in each such case you will find, if you search your own heart, that selfishness and self-centeredness prompted you to deny love to that one and to think of yourself and your own needs when you should rather have thought of the needy one who had the requirement for understanding. This may seem as a simple idea to you, but it was the basis for my own ascension. For I thought long and hard upon the Infinite One.

When, as Siddhartha Gautama, I dwelled in the palace of my father, and death and grief and the world’s emotions were hidden from me by divine decree, it was indeed a great shock, a rude awakening, when at last I realized that the idyllic world which I had been led to believe existed did not in fact exist at all, but rather a jungle of human emotions.

My first impulse was to retreat, and I recoiled from the world itself and closeted myself from it. Then I felt a yearning desire to know more about the great Deity who had created all this wonder—and also who (for a moment, I thought) could possibly have created this complexity and confusion. In my search for Him and to understand Him, I began the process of deep meditation.

As I grew more and more intimately aware of my contact with the Most High God and the great inflow of his harmony and love, I knew by an inner knowing that God could not have created the confusion of the world. And then I sought to understand, by entering into the consciousness of mankind, what prompted some of the strange conditions in the world of man. And I found so clearly that the creation of inharmony was man’s doing. And I asked myself, “Why?” And I was taught that the power of bad example was most effective in spreading abroad inharmony.

And I desired to serve mankind with all of my heart and to convey the blessing I received from God in meditation. Thus did my instruction to Ananda go forth and to others of my disciples—so that they might understand the Most High God and how to mend through loving service the flaws of the world, how to impart the lustrous jewels of peace to a world that was struggling in the throes of war and distress.

As I gained a momentum from on high and the fire of Life began to mount in my being—when the pure white heat of the Kundalini passed upward into my third eye and it did open fully and I saw clearly the thousand-petaled lotus of light seated upon the lotus throne of the Eternal Presence—I began to realize that while God was everywhere, his realization was not. And I set about to determine how we might impart what could be called a “climate of realization” for mankind, how we could create attitudes of thought and feeling that would respond to this great Divine One as he unveiled himself to me more and more with the passing of the years and the increase of the intensity of my meditation.

I recall that at times it was all I could do to keep from falling or almost ‘foaming’ at the mouth with joy! <2> To sit upright, to feel this vast sweep-in of cosmic joy was almost more than I could bear. It almost shattered that peace which is the peace of God.

Now this may seem for a moment to be a little difficult to understand. It is best understood from the viewpoint of realization, of actualization, of attainment. If you attain the peace and the meditative joy which I did, then by experience you will have understanding through direct apprehension.

This is perhaps best, but I have chosen my words well this night, that I might convey to you some of my own inner feelings about this situation so that, whether or not you are able to attain the fullness of your ascension in this embodiment—whether or not you attain the fullness of the light I did as the Buddha—you will understand, at least, how it is with the joy of the LORD, how the great inflow is often more than man can bear. And this is a real peace that can be agitated and spread abroad. And it is more blessed to give the peace of God by agitation than to be a warmonger and spread the vibratory actions of war and hate!

Therefore, I hope that I shall find tonight here and elsewhere in the world exponents and agitators of the feeling of Christ peace so that the veil between the hearts of men may be torn down and split asunder and the love-light of God and the peace ray blaze forth between them. They are brothers, one and all, but often know it not. Accentuating their differences, they forget their areas of oneness and they struggle against one another in needless expenditure of energy for the destructive purposes of those who agitate for confusion and destruction.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. <3> It may be new to some of you to agitate for peace, but I think if you read thoroughly the Bhagavad-git  and understand the meaning of “Never the Spirit was born; the Spirit can cease to be never,” <4> you will appreciate more fully the richness of our understanding of peace and the need to enter in to the battle of life—in a militant manner, in some cases—to enforce the quality of peace rather than submit to the viciousness of human error.

From the lotus throne of my heart in the great, calm knowing of the future that is to be, I choose to be an example of divine peace. Knowing, however, the importance of communicating this power of example to you, I gladly relinquish in your area of the world my own office. And I will gladly let you be the Buddha where you are if you will accept the offering of my gift. I recognize this will mean the assumption of responsibility by you, but I think that it has its rewards. And it is a means whereby the influences of Shamballa can be extended and the banner of Shamballa fly over the whole earth in the hearts of the people.

As you know, the Lord Christ and the Lord Maitreya, the Lord Kuthumi and your beloved Morya, the precious Saint Germain, exponent of freedom, and all the ascended masters serve together in one common endeavor, functioning through Shamballa in the mission of the Lord of the World to give divine direction to mankind.

The unfortunate incidents in Vietnam ought to illustrate to mankind a great deal of what is happening in the world today. But I wish to point out certain values concerning the nation of America in order to shed light upon the student body in the world at large.

In various parts of the world, because of the great love which Saint Germain bears for America, some form of subtle jealousy has arisen. And in the agency of our activities of light, in previous times, men have sometimes resisted the concept of Saint Germain’s great service to create an ascended-master nation in America—this because they have not understood it. Let me now then illustrate it to you, using perhaps some of the thoughtforms that you have received this day.

If you notice the symmetry of the snowflakes and of the tiny forms in the motion picture which you saw today, <5> you will realize that these jewels of perfection—miniature though they were—had a certain similitude to each other. You could well understand that they could be duplicated even though they were unique, and this without desecration. For the sands of the world are greater than men realize, and they are to the mind of man like the stars of the sky—innumerable. <6> As these crystals are innumerable to mankind, they must understand that one crystal is not jealous of another, but each fulfills its purpose.

The diamond light of America is the fulfilling of an ascended-master dream, and the nation of America was intended to epitomize an ascended-master race. This was to be a fountain of light to the world so that other nations, other crystal forms, could also outpicture images of grace and beauty.

America, then, was chosen by the Brotherhood to be an ascended-master nation as an example of the hope for freedom that could be externalized in other countries. It is but a model nation, or so it was intended to be.

It is no desecration, then, of the ascended masters’ purposes that the masters should strive with the model nation, with the pilot nation, to give especial power and glory so that other nations drinking of the fount of that glory would be able to externalize more of the Godhead, even as America exhibited her great qualities of cosmic beauty in the infinitude of cosmic structure as it manifests in the myriad aspects of society, of science, of humanity.

You must understand, then, how God in his infinite grace has imparted to the Brotherhood the wisdom to set up such an example. It is most unfortunate that when the chastised Christ, with purple robe and crown of thorns, stood before Pilate the multitudes preferred the murderer Barabbas to the Christ. <7>

You must understand, then, precious ones, that the world today is often prone to honor the infamous among mankind. And history has often glorified the tyrants of the world, while the men of peace have been little known.

Not so in heaven, nor in Shamballa. For the infamous men are not even recorded in our hearts, whereas every humble apostle of peace holds a place of honor there which can never be taken from them. And multitudes of the little people of the world that have loved peace have statues erected in our shrines in their memory, and they shall endure forever. Truly blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed ones, you then must understand that when we set up a humble example as the Christ to the world, there are always those who, in jealousy of priestcraft, will decide that they wish to oppose that individual that we wish to make a model of perfection. Mankind do not realize that if this model succeeds, it is to their own victory that the model succeeds; if the model fails, it is to the defeat of all men.

Know ye, then, one another’s elements of success. Know the meaning of extending service and love to those you contact in this activity and without. Consider the circle of your influence for peace and harmony—not necessarily in the mere idea of service or the mere idea of reaching out and conveying peace, but in the tangible radiation of our peace, the substance that is divinely released from the heart of God.

You see, precious ones, mankind have rather strange ideas about peace. They often think that it is the absence of war. Peace is not a negative thing. Peace is a God-quality evoked from his heart. It is the means whereby life itself, in balance, absorbs the myriad transformations of the universe in their tremendous condition of great agitation and is able to center the mind and being at the great point where all is still, simply because it is moving so rapidly that it seems to be completely still.

This stilling of the mind, then, is more a rapid-fire agitation of the Godhead himself within the mind and being of man, so that the Godhead, through the divine, spiritual quality of peace—the great, infinite quality of God— takes command over all lesser states and stills the mind through the militant power of cosmic peace; “militant” in this sense: that dominion must be taken over human agitation and divine peace must replace human agitation.

You see, precious ones, if peace were a negative quality, simply the absence of war, it would not have the actual power of God inherent within it to stabilize human lives. But because peace is such a great prize, it does have this power and it is derived directly from the Godhead himself. Therefore, I have chosen to release holy wisdom to you this night in order that you may counteract the banal influences of the world.

We have not given up on America. We have not given up on this activity. We have not given up on you! We have given up on none who will keep faith with us. And we are determined to release and unveil to the hearts of men all that the Karmic Board will permit us to do. And we are determined to act in the world of form to bring about those conditions for which you have called that will release men from bondage and bring about an end of war and discord, the flourishing of cosmic culture, and the ushering in of the golden age.

All activities that may take place, precious ones, that seem to be destructive then at this particular time are themselves in a way breaking down—even as Beethoven’s music did—certain barriers to mankind. For example, the very fury of the youth of the world in their present state of consciousness, the definite action of destruction which takes place in society, tends to make the world sick of itself. And in this way, there is produced a greater turning toward God.

Many will not admit it. Many will only admit it to themselves. Nevertheless, this is a good sign, for it proves that the power of the Christ, who said, “I came not to send peace on earth, but a sword,” <8> yet who was called the Prince of Peace, <9> then comes into manifestation as the militant defense of divine peace in society—through society understanding first of all how to rule their own individual lives and then those institutions which they have constructed for the betterment of man.

This organization that I am addressing this night, The Summit Lighthouse, is such an organization for the betterment of man. If you can succeed, as we believe you will, in producing awareness to mankind of the need for greater understanding beyond the religions of the world now currently in vogue and beyond the systems of the world, you will be readying the world for the establishment of that which many of you have called for—an ascended-master university, where the great cosmic teachers can speak to the student body of the curricula of heaven. <10>

At that time certain changes will take place and instruction will be released whereby each student will be shown how they can for themselves contact the ascended masters’ octaves and be God-taught. Then shall be fulfilled the scriptures which clearly record: “Man shall no longer teach his neighbor, saying, Know the LORD, for all shall know me, from the least unto the greatest,... and the lion shall lie down with the lamb,...and man’s teachers shall not be removed into a corner anymore, for they shall see their teachers face-to-face and converse with them.” <11>

The angelic hosts and the ascended masters will in that time be able to step through the veil, clearly visible to the purified eyes of mankind. And the techniques of opening the spiritual eye will be imparted to children at the age of seven, and they will come to a point where they will be able to realize God at an early age when great areas of soul usefulness can bring about the production of wonders now undreamed of in society.

However, before this shall occur, we still hope to found an ascended-master university through this activity, to bring about great halls of learning where cosmic truths can be declared and where men can be readied for the adventures of the wondrous world that is to come. For the divine drama, though it seem compressed in space, though it seem compressed in time, is actually waiting as a coiled spring to be released with great springs of everlasting life—the men who drink the waters of which shall never thirst again. <12>

We are determined to satisfy man, not in the bottomless pit of his inane and absurd human ideas but in the great soul thirst, assuaging that thirst by the balm and unguent of our peace.

As I now prepare to take my leave of you, I am invoking the power of God from the heart of the Elohim of Peace:

AUM [chanted]

Great Elohim of Peace, in the name of God, the Mighty I AM Presence in the heart of the Central Sun of Peace, I, Gautama from Shamballa, am releasing the essence of Christ peace to the world tonight, together with the three dots of your beloved El Morya, the great power of the transformer at Beacon’s Head that sustains and amplifies the will of God, <13> saying:

It is the will of God that peace be released to the family of nations, that humanity—which is as the grass of the field that flourishes for a time and is then swept away—shall now understand that I will bring to pass the vision of Daniel; <14> that a great stone, cut out without hands, shall roll forth into the world as the gift of cosmic realization and that the power of that stone, that rock upon which the holy Church divine is founded, shall indeed be understood in a wealth of spiritual gnosis, so that men will understand that the root of Jesse <15>—the seed of God, the seed of Christ—has flourished in this time as the great stone which has become the head and chief cornerstone <16> of every life, templed in the great domed reality where the beautiful blue horizon of infinity looms above the temporal dome of man’s head, and man is able to recognize that the power of his aura can expand by peace until the schisms and divisions that now bar mankind, the barriers to human brotherhood and experience, are burned away by the unfailing light of peace!

O Elohim of Peace, burn thou away the human barriers! Burn thou away all these outer conditions! I, Gautama, the Buddha, declare, It shall be done! It is being done! And by the glow of our light through the eye, through the power of the mind and the power of increased vision, we are expanding divine truth without limit to the world and cutting men free from the discord that has, peradventure, held them in bondage.

O Saint Germain, thou Holy Brother, may thy flame cause mankind to understand the meaning of brotherhood and freedom and life and light!

For we hold tonight in our heart of peace
The forthright attitude that war shall cease
And all discord come to an end
By victory for the souls of men—
And victory for the hierarchy
And victory for the banner of the LORD
That shines in the dark
With a ravishing light of golden splendor—
The fury of the golden age that appears as that peace
That refuses to be conquered
By all mankind’s dissonance and discord.

So, then, do thou as we do
And be ambassador emissaries of peace,
World servers to the holy Cause, one and all!
The bond we make with you tonight
Is a pact for the Light.
Clasp my hand, then, one and all,
And hold it through the room.
Do not let it fall!
It is the light of peace I send
Through your bodies without end,
A circlet blossoming of gold
That now is garment of the LORD to enfold
The souls of all whose bond shall be
Their word, as God’s, for eternity!

You pledge your word; I take your bond.
You shall not break it from now on.
For you shall be as I AM now—
A light and flame of peace, I vow.
And if my vow is honored, then,
‘Twill mean salvation to all men.

In the name of peace and the treasure hidden within it, I thank you and I salute you in the bonds of the holy solstice to come.

Salutem anno Domini, October 1965, in this class. So be it! I thank you and I bid you...[pause]...the unspoken word for peace. Thank you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet October 24, 1965, during the 1965 Harvest class at Beacon’s Head, Vienna, Virginia.

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