Some Will Understand and Some Will Not

Some Will Understand and Some Will Not

This post on the “Ruby Ray Pearls,” The Opening of the Seventh Seal by Sanat Kumara, is an excerpt from the 1980 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 23 No. 2 by Lord Lanto.

Chelas of the Wisdom of God,

I send greetings from the Royal Teton Retreat where brothers and sisters who are of the Order of the Golden Robe have gathered to deliberate the dilemma of the decade and the implementation of the Word of His Holiness, Lord Sanat Kumara.

The Opening of the Seventh Seal, the Path of the Ruby Ray by Sanat KumaraWe have bowed our heads as the Ancient of Days has dictated to the heart of the Mother his forty dispensations on “The Opening of the Seventh Seal.” Each release commemorates a year in the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites—or a day of fasting and prayer in the ‘wilderness’ of Christ’s consciousness.

As you review the Lord’s messages which are personal to you, blessed servant-sons and daughters of the World Teachers, isolate the initiations of each Pearl from the teachings themselves. You will discover forty key initiations essential to your self-discipline on the Path of the Ruby Ray. In addition you will find numerous points of soul-testing for the eager mountain climber.

Our Brotherhood considers this word and work of the Lord to be the most practical “home study and self-improvement course” thus far available to chelas who would accelerate on the third ray under Paul the Venetian and the representative of the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan.

There is a joyous anticipation among all who serve the wisdom flame in the retreats of the Brotherhood that the enlightenment of the seven holy Kumaras, so all-pervasive in the foregoing series, will produce many an explosion of the Christ-illumined word within the souls of God’s children, consuming age-old ignorance, bigotry, fanaticism, and confusion involving the Law of the Lawgiver on the subject of individual Christhood.

Indeed, Sanat Kumara’s work, though preliminary to that which he has yet to deliver on the opening of the seventh seal, lays the foundation of that which we desire to accomplish in this decade through the eighth-ray integration of the soul with the beloved Christ Self. Our joyous anticipation, then, is an expectancy of the light that can be and indeed shall be manifest within the chelas of God’s way of illumined action.

Timeless Wisdom from the Ancient of Days

These foundational teachings on the Path of the Ruby Ray from Sanat Kumara are for those who would serve as initiates of Divine Love. Sanat Kumara, The Ancient of Days, opens his heart in unprecedented measure in The Opening of the Seventh Seal to make plain the way of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service.

“I AM in the magnet of the Great Central Sun, releasing into your meditative hearts shafts of light that are for the magnetization of your souls unto the sun center of being. Enter now the shaft, saints of the Most High, and spiral to the center of my heart. I AM always your Sanat Kumara.

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