The Path of Personal Christhood 3

The Path of Personal Christhood 3

Part III – Your Divine Spark

Within you is the seed and essence of all God’s creation. It is your threefold flame, a divine spark of fire from God’s own heart with which he endowed you in the beginning.

This is the permanent reality of each of us!

As we endeavor to embrace and walk the path of personal Christhood, it is our divine spark that sustains us through every step, through every test and trial, through every chapter in the unfolding saga of our soul.

Within your heart is a threefold flame, your spark of DivinityThis divine spark – our threefold flame – is comprised of plumes of power (blue, the Father), wisdom (yellow, the Son) and love (pink, the Holy Spirit).

One of the keys to attaining Christhood is balancing and expanding this threefold flame. This Holy Christ Flame is your birthright. This is the point of Light in the secret chamber of your heart that means you are a son and a daughter of God.

And because you have the spark, you can one day contain and be the whole flame.

So, when the divine spark, the threefold flame, is balanced…the Christ is born. And the Christ is our Real Self. As El Morya has told us, ‘The hour of Christhood in you is more important than any other event taking place on this planet.’

This is what Jesus’ mission was all about. He called us to become the Christ. This is a truly high and holy calling. It is the complete fulfillment of the Law.

Whatever other goals and aspirations you may have for your life, choose to have this one goal supersede all others.

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