Violet Flame – The Open Door

Violet Flame – The Open Door

The violet flame is the healing, forgiving, merciful flame, the universal solvent, the key to the transmutation and balancing of karma.

The Violet Flame is all of these things…and more. Tune in this Tuesday when we will examine the Violet Flame and how we can use it to successfully transcend the human and align with the Divine.

This priceless gift from God through the agency of the ascended masters is truly a “way out” of the rigors and challenges of life in the physical plane. We’ll share with you how the Violet Flame works…and why.

You’ll learn how dynamic decrees are used to call forth the full manifestation and power of the Violet Flame to heal, to forgive, to illumine and to transmute both new and ancient karma.

Every spiritual aspirant needs to have the Violet Flame in their toolbox.

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To learn more about the violet flame and healing mantras, tune in for The Violet Flame on The Open Door, Ascended Master Online Radio Program.

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