The Path of Personal Christhood 2

The Path of Personal Christhood 2

Part II – Decrees & the Dweller

Walking the path of personal Christhood requires determination, discrimination and discernment. It is a glorious path, but challenging, too. And all of us who choose to embrace it must stay on our spiritual toes at all times if we are to make progress.

For staying focused, good tools are always helpful, especially the practice of daily dynamic decrees. There are no better tools than decrees for tuning in with laser-sharp focus on anything that stands in the way of spiritual progress.

Decrees help to harness spiritual energies with precision and direct them to any area of resistance or opposition we encounter.

And one of the greatest sources of opposition is the Dweller on the Threshhold!

The Dweller is the collective consciousness of all of our misdeeds, for all of our negative karma. The Dweller is tenacious. And confronting and overcoming the Dweller is something we all must do before our convergence with our Christ Self is complete.

Fortunately, the ascended masters know just how to win this battle!

And the stakes are high, for the Christ is our Real Self. And, as El Morya has told us, ‘The hour of Christhood in you is more important than any other event taking place on this planet.’

This is what Jesus’ mission was all about. He called us to become the Christ. This is a truly high and holy calling. It is the complete fulfillment of the Law.

Whatever other goals and aspirations you may have for your life, choose to have this one goal supersede all others.

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