Heal Your Heart

Heal Your Heart

Be a Transformer of Love

Heal Your Heart. Be a Transformer of Love

Love may not be easily defined, but it is easily felt. It is alive, dynamic and always available. And those who embody the living flame of love are transformers.

Love has the power to transform people, relationships, families, communities…entire civilizations! So, what is it that blocks the expression of love, dams the flow and throttles the impulse to share this most precious of energies?

Ancient pain? Unresolved issues? Fear of rejection? Low self-esteem? Are we angry with God for something we thought He could have prevented, like the untimely death of a loved one, or personal misfortune?

There are a thousand and one reasons why our hearts may be hardened and unhealed. And if we truly desire to make progress on the Path, we must heal our hearts.

Where can we turn for help, guidance and the power to heal the heart?

To release anger, let go of the past, forgive and forget, turn to the Holy Spirit and the violet flame. This powerful duo is the straightest path to wholeness.

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