Heal Your Heart, Part 2

Heal Your Heart, Part 2

Activate Joy, Gratitude, Forgiveness
Compassion & Courage

Tune in to Heal Your Heart, Part 2 on The Open Door on Ascended Master Online Radio – Tuesday, May 22 at Noon, MT.

Your heart is an engine that runs on love. And this love is a dynamic mixture of qualities that, when fully engaged, have the power to help you overcome every test and trial, every challenge, every obstacle, everything that stands in the way of your soul’s homeward journey.

Your goal is to activate these heart qualities: joy, gratitude, compassion, courage, forgiveness. You know them all.

These are the divine additives that combine to create the true elixir of Life. And when you have elected to drink in this elixir and embrace Life in all its glory, you will have found the key to not only healing your own heart, but you will set an example and standard for others to witness and emulate!

When you choose to take on the highest qualities of a loving heart you become, indeed, a transformer of love. And this power is felt not only by those closest to you, but by countless others you will probably never know.

The need for loving hearts, like yours, is urgent.

So, let the healing begin!

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