Meditation on God in Your Heart

Meditation on God in Your Heart

This short meditation on God in your heart was given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet following a dictation by Kuthumi published in the 1984 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 58.

Feel the vibration of God in your heart. Visualize the threefold flame.

The Apostle Peter spoke of the hidden man of the heart, your beloved Christ Self. You can visualize the Christ Self in the secret chamber of your heart, and suddenly the chamber becomes the size of the altar and the dimension is such that you may enter in and kneel before the high priest of your temple.

Let us visualize beloved Jesus overshadowing us, his arms around us, standing taller than we are—his Electronic Presence enfolding us in the all-power of Love, the all-power of Wisdom, the all-power of the Will of God itself. Let us for this moment enter the very body of Christ in this manner and then enter into the heart of hearts, communing there in glory.

And as we say the name of God, it is an affirmation that draws the Light of God into the interior castle of our being.

And there we begin to hear the sound of angels singing the song of glory and of Home and of triumph here—here in the very heart of earth, here in the Matter spheres, here where we dwell for a purpose—that God’s kingdom within us might manifest here truly as the triumph of the Father with the Son through the Holy Spirit. In the name of the Mother, Amen.

(Here repeat aloud the mantra “O God, You Are So Magnificent!” with great feelings of love and devotion to the I AM Presence.)

Kneel before the living God in the person of the living Christ at the altar of being and offer your prayer and the command of Light to “Keep My Flame Blazing.” In this meditation, you are speaking directly, personally, face to face with the beloved Christ who lives in your temple:

Keep my flame blazing,
By God’s love raising,
Direct and keep me in my rightful place!
I AM Presence ever near me,
Keep me mindful of thy grace;
Flame of Christ, ever cheer me,
In me show thy smiling face!

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