Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 58 - Beloved Kuthumi - December 9, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
The Light of Winter Solstice


Most blessed and beloved ones, I greet you in the sanctuary of the heart where thou dost dwell eternally in the Light of thy Christ.

O soul, come with me. Come, then. Come with me in this hour of Light’s overcoming. Come with me as we walk and talk along the way. And Jesus comes also that we may commune concerning the birth of Christ and the eternal Light in the dark night of winter, the Light of solstice.

I am in the heart of the sun of Helios and Vesta. I am in the heart of the sun of thy Presence. And I am in the earth in thy threefold flame. I am Kuthumi, come to teach men the Way. Hear my call: Become teachers of men.

Now be seated in the heart of God. As they say, come now into the lap of the living God.

Beloved ones, I bring the good tidings of eternal renewal which come forth in the hour calculated as winter solstice from the point of the North, from the heart of the God Star and the center of the Father. Thus, the Light of winter solstice is like unto none other, for its descent leadeth thee in the way of the law of righteousness as exemplified in the Son. Thus, the Father’s Light shines in the Son, and ye are that Son when ye are that sun! Thus, I come to admonish you by the sword of Maitreya to enter into the fire infolding itself <1> of the mighty heart flame of thy being.

Beloved ones, understand that no man can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he himself will be split in twain and his own kingdom, or consciousness, fall. <2> Therefore, to thine own self be true. And, of a certainty, understand that thou canst be true only to thy True Self, for the synthetic self is as the shifting sands; you no sooner place your staff in the sand than the waters come and the seas rage and the winds blow. And thus, one can no longer find the point of reference in the shifting outer personality. Trust, then, in the eternal flame of thy God Self.

Beloved hearts, with the sign of the coming of Helios, <3> much change has taken place in the earth. The Darjeeling Council has been the recipient in these weeks of discourses given by our Lord Maitreya concerning a subject which is close to our hearts. Therefore, I am sent this day to deliver this message and this understanding.

The dark night of the Spirit in the earth takes place during the weeks preceding and following winter solstice. Thus, during this period, from this hour through the New Year celebration, discover and understand the records upon records of the acts not of the apostles but of the fallen angels—the false apostles who have come to eclipse the Light of each one’s God Star, each one’s focus of Sirius, each one’s I AM Presence. This is the hour when the Son of man cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” <4>

Beloved ones, wars have begun; extreme forms of torture, terrorism, and torment have been heaped upon the body of Christ in these very dates and hours, century upon century—the mockery of the birth of the Son in the heart of His little ones, betrayals of nations in every form, and the sadistic rites of the denizens of hell.

These weeks are fraught with burden to the soul, for the god of lust stalks the earth. Witness the intensification of red as the anger of hell presenting itself as the joy of angels. Witness the greed in the marketplace and the leading of the little children with Christmas carols to the slaughter, where they empty their pockets for the treasures of the world and gain not the single light atop the tree which often goes unnoticed—even as they do not reckon with nor recognize the star of the I AM Presence.

Thus, according to the misuses of the Light by those on the left-handed path, the bowels of hell erupt in this season and many souls find themselves scattered hither and yon. Many pass from the screen of life, as it is also the end of the year and the harvest of souls through the same winter-solstice Light. That which descends from the Father may return to the Father in that hour. <5>

  Even so, the descent of your beloved Mark on Christmas Eve <6> was to that same purpose that Christ did come: to hold the balance of Light in a period of the year when, by the magnetism of bodies planetary and systems of energy, there is an increase in the challenge and the trial through each one’s own karmic cycles and ‘electronic belt’, <7> as you have called it.

Thus, you can expect to find heightened emotions surfacing, the energizing of the astral body, and the coming to the fore of old momentums like “Old Nick”—that is another name for the dweller on the threshold. These must be slain once again, with the sounding of the final death knell upon that carnal mind, by your own enlightened spirits which take the sword of Maitreya and stand guard in the Church Universal and Triumphant and in the heart of the mystical body.

The gains of the year must be kept by the faithful. The Light of Helios must not be squandered. Heed my Word and Call, for during this season this Church and its members shall face together a more than ordinary challenge from the forces of darkness. It is an hour of great alchemy of the Holy Spirit, and those who are steadfast and stand fast will find the reward great.

In the hour of the New Year’s conference, in the coming of the Lord of the World, in the dawning of the day of the new year, we trust to find you in your right place, being therefore the recipient of the great Christmas gift of the fruit of the causal body of the Universal Christ, Lord Maitreya, bearing fruit in hand as the harvest of the multiplication of Light since the coming of Helios. Therefore, you shall be ready to face the new year—not emptied and vacant, having spent thy Light; but on the momentum of the preceding cycle, moving swiftly with that strength of eagles to meet, then, the glorious challenge for expansion which comes with 1985.

Beloved hearts, it is the prayer of Lord Maitreya, the consensus of the Darjeeling Council, and our will—to which many of you have assented by your attendance at these meetings—that the day of the seed of Satan and of the fallen ones and their heyday which they make each season of the Christ Mass shall go down! shall be no more! because we shall keep the vigil, because we shall recognize the strength of Light in the body, in the Word, and with our God with us.

I ask, then, that all chelas of El Morya recognize the desire in his heart, reflecting the desire of Maitreya, that in the coming of Helios and the Light given, the earth and its evolutions shall not be allowed to descend to the depths that they have descended year upon year by the magnetism of the fallen ones. Let us build the platform of the base of the pyramid here, at the Inner Retreat, at every teaching center and place of gathering of our chelas. Let the foundation of the pyramid seal, then, as holy ground—seal, then, the place of worship from the opening of the earth itself to the darkness of the fallen ones. Let there be the building of the pyramid. Let there be the heeding of the Word of Serapis Bey.

Wherever you are in this season, remember that the keeping of the flame is essential to the fulfillment of Morya’s alchemy for this Church and for your individual life plan. Let there not be losses individually but only gain. Let each family and lifestream conserve energy, supply, and every good gift, that it might be there for the great work of the new year.

We therefore begin this day the release of a coil of Light and a mighty thoughtform of Victory with each chela. We remind that Mother Mary with you as one, her right hand raised, is the perpetual judgment by the Lord of the seed of the wicked and the wicked system of World Communism and all of its counterparts and sympathizers.

Beloved hearts of living flame, understand the keeping of the watch in the midnight hour of the year. Remember the call of Mother Mary for the healing and consuming of all family problems. <8> Remember the watch of the violet-flame angels, remember the cycles of Advent, and let this season be the greatest victory within the secret-ray chakras, within the interior life, and within the physical manifestation of our endeavor.

We send forth our messenger to carry this flame to the Inner Retreat and thence to Washington. Let it be established also in the heart of the Twin Cities.

Beloved ones, in her absence let the servants of God be the keepers of the flame. Let them not take the physical apparent absence of the messenger as a time to make merry and play—nay! as a time to be the messenger in the sanctuary, to meditate upon that I AM Presence perpetually as the living Word; for the living Word never, never does leave the altar. And when you meditate and pray, you may see the messenger standing here twenty-four hours a day in her finer bodies with Lanello, perpetually calling for the victory of your souls and of the earth.

Keep the watch, then, for the messenger must go forth from time to time to rescue the other sheep which are not of this fold, <9> as has been her mission from the beginning. Be ye therefore shepherds and shepherdesses. Be ye therefore disciples becoming the Word.

Understand the meaning of the pillar. Look then: eight pillars in the sanctuary, signifying the path eightfold of the Buddha. Now, if I were to command, “Remove them all in this instant!” you should not obey, for you understand the law: remove the pillars and the temple will fall. I say, ye are pillars in the temple of my God! <10>

Whose is the voice that shall speak to you and say, “Remove thyself from the temple. Thou art not needed. Thou shalt not be missed”? Thus, the Devil would make mist of thee—dispersing thy atoms, dispersing thy soul, and threatening the very spiritual life of the bride within thee.

Pillars in the temple of my God, remember in this hour my hour of aloneness as Saint Francis. Remember when each of us in our turn has stood in the Church, the single Light here or there across the religious offerings of the world in all ages. Some of you are here in this hour because you and you alone have kept the Light—the Light of God in the community of the Buddha, the community of the called-out ones of the living Christ. You have stood, and by that strength you have earned an armor and a crown that has seen you through many difficult hours in the keeping of the flame for earth.

Beloved ones, I greet you all as seasoned warriors for Christ, as Christian soldiers in the sense of being the instrument of The Faithful and True. I can tell you from my experience that you have never truly lived to know the work of God until you have stood alone, knowing that you alone were the solitary torch-bearer who could pass the flame of an age, of a nation, of a family, of a single soul, of an endeavor—sensing the aloneness of the desert where the saints have gone or the metropolis where they have also stood, sensing the aloneness of outer space, inner space, and knowing: 


All that I AM is God.
God is all that I AM and there is naught else.
I AM the aloneness of the All.
I AM the all-oneness of the All.
I AM THAT I AM, and God in me is the Victory—
Is the Victory of this star, this world, this child,
This single flower that will mean the turning of this life.

   So, my beloved, pillars in the temple of my God are ye! And the temple must be upheld. This is the half-year cycle of the coming of Helios; therefore, salute Vesta who appears in winter solstice as Helios appears in summer solstice.


      Mighty God, thou ruler of heaven and earth, possessor of all things, possess these souls this day! They may not be caught in the way of the toiler.

      O Father/Mother God, make them to remember. Place now the star in the memory body of our coming—the three wise men <11> in this hour in the portent of the sign of the birth of the Manchild within them. We are heralds of the new day of your coming!

   Beloved son, beloved daughter, beloved child, hear the Word of the Masters of the Far East and let thy soul be spared the sorrow: the sorrow of the tears that fall in self-pity, a self-pity that has forgotten the smile of the Beautiful One—the Beautiful One who has come. And in that smile is the glow of an interior happiness, a flame that can never be quenched by outer circumstance.

Beloved ones, this is the hour of the gift of Omega for the cycle of return for the fulfillment of the hour of Helios. Let none drop the torch, but receive the candle of our coming as a glow of wisdom from the torch of the Goddess of Liberty.

Now we see the hand of Surya. Now the right hand of Surya does draw a mighty circle of the solar ring around this solar system, and it is the power of the right hand of the Almighty One. Now Surya does draw the return and the mighty figure-eight flow, and it is released from the heart of Helios and Vesta. And a platform is sustained and a Light is given and seraphim, tier upon tier, encircle the outer limits of the solar system and beyond.

It is the protection of those inhabiting this system from nefarious rays, manipulations, minds—unwelcomed extraterrestrials (as they are called), agents of other systems. As I say “agents of other systems,” there can be heard the vibration, the sounds of dissonance of their home planets beyond this system. They are warlords and mechanical creatures, those who have amalgamated a power that is not their own and that cannot be retained so long as the Son of God is in the Matter cosmos.

Be ye, therefore, the Son of God in the Matter cosmos! Be a pillar, not alone in this sanctuary and temple: Be a pillar of my God in the temple of Helios, the Temple of the Sun. Be a pillar of my God in the solar system. Watch and pray. Let the belt of Light prevent the penetration of spacecraft and astral compartments of consciousness that have no place moving in and through these worlds with their designs.

Some of these fallen ones who come to prey upon mankind use specific tools in various industries of the media, tools in the economy and the governments of nations, for they think they do control mankind. Thus we say: Watch and pray. For greater is He that is in you than he that is in the whole world of the Matter cosmos. <12>

Let the solar ring from the heart of the Universal Mother secure this system as a platform for the ascension. Let the solar ring allow the souls of Light who will make their ascension in this dispensation to come forth and be clothed upon with coats of skins, <13> that the Word may be made flesh and that you might prosper in the propagation of the Word, blessed by the presence of many Christed ones.

Helios’ coming signifies an acceleration to the entire system and beyond. His Light and the magnitude thereof affects the entire galaxy, O beloved hearts. Thus, let us see the increase. Thus, let us see if we together by our love and perpetual vigil in this sanctuary might not woo the beloved Vesta to release her Light and speak to us in this New Year’s conference.

Yes, we came. We came to adore, to affirm. We also came to protect—our causal bodies, our shield; our hearts, chakras brightly burning; our direction, our word to Herod. Thus we stood between Him and the fallen one prophesied, who came forth to devour the Manchild as soon as he was born. <14> 

Understand the role you play as wise men and women of the Spirit. Allow none to tempt you to forsake the guardian action of Light. For I tell you with the solemnity and the sublimity of my own office that the earth does depend upon the Light of this altar of hearts for the sustaining grace to see it through the dark night of the Spirit in this year.

You are my friends. You are my brothers and sisters. You are the hearts whom I love with an adoring and a joy and a happiness with which I would adorn you in Christmas garments. Thus, beloved, because we love one another in perfect grace, I have come to assure Lord Maitreya and the Darjeeling Council that you, my beloved of all ages, would keep the flame.

I thank you for your heart’s love in this hour and every hour. I shall send you your keynote and the keynote of the wise men, the members of the Christmas pageant, of Maitreya and Gautama, as I also play the organ <15> for the sustainment of the vibration of Helios.

Helios, O sun of these souls, let them see thy face smiling in the mirror of their own souls. Let them hear in the inner ear the procession of thy coming.

O Helios, magnify the Lord, the I AM Presence in each heart. For truly the New Day is come, and in the face of all else it is here, it is with us, and we are together the keepers of thy flame, O Helios, O beloved Vesta.

Messenger’s Meditation on God in Your Heart:

Feel the vibration of God in your heart. Visualize the threefold flame. The Apostle Peter spoke of the hidden man of the heart, <16> your beloved Christ Self. You can visualize the Christ Self in the secret chamber of your heart, and suddenly the chamber becomes the size of the altar and the dimension is such that you may enter in and kneel before the high priest of your temple.

Let us visualize beloved Jesus overshadowing us, his arms around us, standing taller than we are—his Electronic Presence enfolding us in the all-power of Love, the all-power of Wisdom, the all-power of the Will of God itself. Let us for this moment enter the very body of Christ in this manner and then enter into the heart of hearts, communing there in glory.

And as we say the name of God, it is an affirmation that draws the Light of God into the interior castle of our being. And there we begin to hear the sound of angels singing the song of glory and of Home and of triumph here—here in the very heart of earth, here in the Matter spheres, here where we dwell for a purpose—that God’s kingdom within us might manifest here truly as the triumph of the Father with the Son through the Holy Spirit. In the name of the Mother, Amen.

[Here repeat aloud the mantra “O God, You Are So Magnificent!” with great feelings of love and devotion to the I AM Presence.] 

Kneel before the living God in the person of the living Christ at the altar of being and offer your prayer and the command of Light to “Keep My Flame Blazing.” In this meditation, you are speaking directly, personally, face to face with the beloved Christ who lives in your temple: Keep my flame blazing,/By God’s love raising,/Direct and keep me in my rightful place!/I AM Presence ever near me,/Keep me mindful of thy grace;/Flame of Christ, ever cheer me,/In me show thy smiling face!


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Kuthumi was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, November 18, 1984, at Camelot. In the sermon preceding the dictation, “I AM Come to Send Fire on the Earth,” the Messenger taught on Luke 12.

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7. The momentums of untransmuted karma in orbit around the ‘nucleus’ of the synthetic self (or carnal mind) form what looks like an ‘electronic belt’ of misqualified energy around the lower portion of man’s physical body. Diagrammed at the point of the solar plexus, extending downward in a negative spiral to below the feet, this conglomerate of human creation forms a dense forcefield resembling the shape of a kettledrum. Referred to as the realm of the subconscious or the unconscious, the electronic belt contains the records of unredeemed karma from all embodiments. At the eye of this vortex of untransmuted energy is the consciousness of the anti-self personified in the dweller on the threshold, which must be slain before one can attain full Christhood.

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