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Cast Your Anchor to Your I AM Presence

Cast Your Anchor to Your I AM Presence

This exercise of casting your anchor is from the Wesak 1992 dictation by Gautama Buddha published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 20.

Where Have You Anchored Yourself?

It is the hour, then, to cast the anchor of your being into the Great Causal Body above. You have anchored your hopes and dreams in the astral sea. So accustomed have you become to anchoring yourself in lower levels that you do not realize how many anchors of desire you have dropped beneath that deep blue sea, which grows black as you descend the fathoms.

Cross this sea! Do not be anchored in it or to it. Yes, cast your hopes and your dreams, your longings but above all your will into the great sea of Light, the sea of Light that is the Causal Body of your I AM Presence. All elements of Light are in this Causal Body, this great, great firmament of Light.

How do you cast an anchor up, high up – up in the sense of in the very accelerated vibrations of consciousness of your I AM Presence?

The Presence resists anything that is less than the light of your perfection of soul. Thus, imagine pulling against the gravity of karma and against the lesser self, knowing that with all of your might you must heave this anchor of pure hope into the very highest octaves. The thirty-three planes await the arrival of your anchor with a mighty thud, as you have hurled it with the assistance of Hercules and Amazonia.

I come to speak to you of this concept this night, beloved, because the astral sea does rise. It is a treacherous sea. As boisterous as the wind might be and as threatening as the waves, the astral sea does not reveal what is beneath the surface. Thus, your moorings must be elsewhere and you must pull from the depths, from the very deep itself, substance of your being that you have allowed to be tied to the lower levels of the astral plane.

This is the exercise of the hour and of the year: to withdraw yourself from the lowest levels to which you have descended, thoughtlessly or thoughtfully, premeditatedly or without even a care. It is dangerous, I say, for you to have any portion of yourself tied to these lower realms. [This subject] is worthy of [your] consideration.

Think as I speak to you now, beloved: What portion of yourself have you left behind? What desire that is not of God have you clung to, have you kept, that is pulling you down to those lower levels? I repeat, beloved, it is dangerous.

– – –

Dare to Move Closer to the Son of God

I AM Gautama. And you know that you must cross the sea of samsara.1 And you know the ship of Maitreya.2 And you know that ships carry not one but many anchors. And [in ancient times] the greatest anchor of all was called the “sacred anchor”; and when it was cast at the last, that anchor, then, was the last hope of sailors that the ship would hold against the tides and the storms of the sea.

Yes, beloved, you hope in Christ, him the hope of glory. And your hope does not waver, for your hope in Christ is answered when you answer, when you dare to move closer to that Son of God, that Sun of being, fearing not but hearing the voice, “Come up higher!” Hope is being faithful in all things, not just a few but all things. That faithfulness, beloved, is rewarded. And again, you feel the tautness of the rope as though Christ himself were the very anchor that you have cast: “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Be the anchor in this world, beloved. Be the hope of many. Be steadfast. Be persevering. Hold on to the salt of the sea and the minerals and the jewels and all that the sea of life contains. Let your aura be rich in the gifts of the Spirit and in all those gifts that temper the quality of the earth, providing nourishment to the body that the soul may inhabit it with joy.

– – –

This night, O my beloved, I cast my anchor of hope into the heart of the true chela. And I say, if you were not a true chela five minutes ago, you may become one just that quickly! Simply surrender all to your Mighty I AM Presence and see how you, the true chela, will know the beauty of your true Guru.

1. samsara (Sanskrit, literally ‘wandering through’, ‘journeying’): passing through a succession of states; the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by karma; corporeal existence; worldly illusion; the universe of manifestation and phenomena as distinguished from the real existence which lies behind it; the veil of sorrow, pain and illusion.

2. Ship of Maitreya. The clipper ship is the symbol of Lord Maitreya. It is the ship of initiation–the ship the soul takes to travel over the sea of samsara. Lord Maitreya has said: “I am the captain of a mighty ship, a sailing vessel where I take you on journeys of the soul….I AM that Law that does deliver thee. And the means of deliverance which you have seen as the clipper ship is truly my Causal Body” (July 2, 1978, March 24, 1985).

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