Be the Laughing Buddhas of Kindness

Be the Laughing Buddhas of Kindness

Lord Maitreya on Kindness

This teaching on kindness from Lord Maitreya is excerpted from the 1994 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 37 No. 14, Kindness Is the Key.

Lord Maitreya, buddha of compassion and kindnessI trust, then, as you think of Maitreya, that you will always think of what is the appropriate thing to do that is kind. A kindness that is a gift to one can bounce off that one as a joy flame that touches a billion hearts.

The heart of kindness does not fail to set the record straight when either friend or foe is misrepresented. Kindness is a precision of thought and word that also has the firmness and courage to tell friend or foe when he is off course. Kindness is the willingness to be unpopular if necessary to see to it that some corner of the world is made right, even if it be the corner of your kitchen.

Know, beloved, that kindness is a series of actions that go forth from your loving thoughts and feelings. And the circles of your kindness never cease even as the rings of the stone thrown in the pond go to the very edges of a cosmos. Kindness, beloved, is the key.

Let us heal hearts who are burdened, so profoundly burdened because of the burden of the economy and their fears of not knowing: Will they or will they not have work?

Pray for many. Pray for all. It requires no greater power or attainment to pray for five and a half billion souls than to pray for one. Learn to encompass the all in the one.

Kindness Making You One with the Buddhas

Magnify the Lord in kindness and know that I cannot be separate from you when you are engaged in kindness. It is the Law, beloved. Like attracts like and the Buddha must be with the bodhisattva who has embraced his path, his calling and his flame.

I am in that flame of kindness and I pray that you jump in the flame with me. Let us, we two, then, and we two by two by the billion, go forth. Let us go forth to establish points of Light in the vast reaches of outer space and know that in reality time and space are not and we are one in the infinite Mind of God.

At the forefront of the Mind of God and the Eye of God within you, see me, know me and hold me to your heart. Each time you take up that little card of my image* and press it to the third eye, you have the imprint of my Electronic Presence on every cell and atom of your being. And it’s as easy as whistling a happy tune.

Kindness is always happy! I am always happy! And when I send out kindness and it confronts unkindness and unkindness sends it back to me, I receive what comes back, already transmuted at the gates of the outermost rings of my aura, as kindness again.

Do not be perturbed. Be the laughing Buddhas and know that the laughter of God is the consuming of all unrealities.

* Wallet-size laminated card of Lord Maitreya. Includes on the back Maitreya’s seed syllable (Maim) and four mantras to invoke his presence (available at the TSL online bookstore).

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