Wisdom – Simplifying the Complex

Wisdom – Simplifying the Complex

This timeless wisdom on the simplification of the complex from Padma Sambhava is from his dictation published in the 1982 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 25 No. 20

Wisdom, beloved hearts, is always the simplification of the complex snarls of the sinister force.

When you are burdened by a collection of flowers that are not of the Light and you know not the way to turn because every turn has its limitation, its problems, its vexation of spirit—then, you see, it is the logic of the Serpent that has put you in a corner. And you have said, “No way! No way can I follow the LORD God in purest light and without compromise. There is no way I can extricate myself from this plight without becoming more a part of the human consciousness!”

This is the trap. Blessed hearts, as sure as the animal in the forest is trapped by the hunter, this is the trap laid for the soul of the devotee—the certain belief that whatever the sin, whatever the struggle, whatever the circumstance, there is no way out.

I say, though you were in a cave a mile deep and dark, though you were in the passages inside of the earth—think of any prison house, think of any place physical you know, and I tell you: there is no dungeon from which God himself cannot deliver thee! The deliverance of the Almighty by the angel of the LORD is at hand, and only those who desire not to be delivered remain in bondage.

You ought to assess life. You ought to look at individuals bound by certain conditions and human habits. And you ought to understand that the blind who will not see, do not see; the prisoners who are bound, who will not be free, are not free!

Therefore understand the clear and true call for help, for mercy, for divine pity! And understand the ruse of the fallen ones that calls also for mercy, for pity, for light, and promises any promise you will name if you will just extend your hand another day.

Dear hearts, you must look clearly at these fallen ones who take no accountability for the burden that they place upon you or the earth or the body of God, but ask and ask again and again that you will carry them. They are without the sacred labor! They give nothing, but expect all in return! These ones are a defilement of the divine plan to the hurt of the individual.

Realize that the sign of the overcomer is productivity and fruit—fructifying, multiplying, bearing the seed of righteousness that is sown. Those, then, who give commands—“Go here and go there! Bear my burden! Carry this! Carry that!”—are not the ones who labor alongside of the pilgrims of Life.

Let us know them only by their fruits. And let us have mercy upon God, whose energy is stolen and transferred to those who have not earned it and therefore have no right to it!

I speak in this wise, though you may perhaps be weary of the teaching. Weary not, for if you did not require the reminder, I would not be here! And if you had the attainment that you think you have, you should be speaking and I should be listening!

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