The Path of Personal Christhood 1

The Path of Personal Christhood 1

Part I – Crossroads

For every sincere traveler on the spiritual path, choice is a constant companion. At every turn, there is a moment when we must decide which direction to take, which road to follow.

For those of us who follow the path laid out so clearly by the ascended masters, we know that every choice we make ultimately merges with one overriding decision: to become the Christ!

The Christ is our Real Self. And, as El Morya has told us, ‘The hour of Christhood in you is more important than any other event taking place on this planet.’

This is what Jesus’ mission was all about. He called us to become the Christ. This is a truly high and holy calling. It is the complete fulfillment of the Law.

Whatever other goals and aspirations you may have for your life, choose to have this one goal supersede all others.

When you find yourself at this most critical crossroads, let go of all else and strive to become the Christ. This is our purpose, our reason for being. It is God’s greatest gift to us.

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