Many Are Called

Many Are Called

Do you hear a still voice within nudging you upward?

Are you moved by the echoes of a familiar message telling you that there is a higher purpose for your life, something greater than your human experience?

Have you caught yourself straining to recall what seems like a dream of Home?

Do you have a sense that there is a service you're here to render, a mission only you are meant to fulfill? If any of that rings true, it is because you have been called. But called by whom and for what?

You are called to return home to the heart of God by the straightest and truest path possible. That is the path of the ascended masters, the path of initiation and self-mastery, the path of the ascension.

But not all who hear this call heed it. That is reserved for the few with the selfless desire to overcome the world.

It is reserved for you, because you are not here by chance, but by choice. You are here by God’s Grace.

Seize the opportunity. Answer the call. Finish the journey once and for all!

And remember this advice: “Ask and ye shall receive. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all (good) things shall be added unto you.” This statement is addressed to the quick who will respond without hesitation when they are called.

At some level, all those who seek closer communion with God know that they have been called to this purpose. The exact time and date may not be known, but the call to come up higher is clear.

Some who hear the call are ready and they answer without hesitation (remember Jesus calling to the apostles to leave their nets and become fishers of men). Others take a more roundabout path.

It’s all a matter of momentum and the depth of each one’s tie to the service of God. And there’s no judgment here. Some are ready to answer the call now. Others are still being made ready.

ALL who hear the call to take the divine path and seek union with their Real Self will one day follow it. And when they answer the call, they will be purified in the cauldron of God’s heart, making their lives a perpetual labor of love.

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