Love God in One Another

Love God in One Another

This excerpt is from the lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet Perfect Love Casts Out Fear delivered November 20, 1980 published in the 2001 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 44 Nos. 6 – 8.

We read from the words of our Lord and the apostle that “perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment.” How does perfect love cast out fear?

This is one of the mysteries of the Holy Grail that El Morya, Portia and Pallas Athena gave to me today. They want you to understand the process by which the individual cell, as a unit of life in your body, is becoming a chalice of the Holy Grail. The process is, as John said, “Perfect love casts out fear.”

John speaks earnestly about loving our brother because “no man hath seen God.” Therefore the perfect love we manifest must be for what we do see, and that is the God in one another. Perfect love begins with a perfect love for God.

God bears a white-fire wrath against those who are idolators of him–idolators in the sense that they profess to love him in their sanctuaries, temples and mosques, but when it comes to loving God in the temple of their brother or sister, they spurn him.

Idolatrous love loves an idol, a figment of man’s imagination, which is manufactured by him. Man forms an image of God and then pours out his love to it, while pouring hatred to those whom he knows on earth. Perfect love, then, begins with perfect love for our Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self.

In India, when they have a perfect love for Kali or Shiva, they go to the temple on certain feast days and bring food for the god, recognizing that the god has needs and wants. We go into the highways and byways of life and bring our meal of soul nourishment not to the statues but to the people who are God, who are Shiva, who are Kali. We lay that offering upon the altar of the living God as he dwells in the temple of his children.

Nevertheless, the symbolism of Hinduism ranges from the quaint to the sacred if you have a true understanding of what is taking place. The point is that the perfect love for the Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self, which we give forth in our invocations and in our service, must have an anchoring point. It must be immediately transferred to a real person who needs compassion or another facet of the seven rays that is required for the elevation of that person’s consciousness.

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