Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 44 No. 6 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - February 11, 2001


Mother Teaches Summit University
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
Part 2


When fear has taken the form of human karma, the perfect love that casts it out is the sacred fire that originates in the heart. It is an intense fire, burning and all-consuming. It will give off heat as long as chemicalization is going on within the body temple.

The teaching of the Brotherhood on the subject is that the fervent heat of our devotion to love will be duplicated from our heart chakra to the sun of every cell proportionately as those cells are purified. The heat from the sacred fire causes a change in the chemistry of the physical cell.

This is the statement of the Brotherhood on the fifth ray of science. This is the great mystery of each cell becoming the Holy Grail. The sacred fire in the center of the cell is magnetized to the physical sun of the cell because of the figure-eight flow of your devotion.

It then begins to build and eventually reaches the burning point, much as you would put a fire under the teakettle and boil water. When the kettle whistles, the water bubbles and becomes steam, which eventually evaporates. In the same way, the fervor of love in each cell actually melts the fear and causes a chemical action much like evaporation.

The gases of fear are released. They go up and they are consumed by the figure-eight spiral from the Sun behind the sun to the center of the cell or by the figure-eight spiral of your Mighty I AM Presence to your heart flame. This process of purification occurs in you cell by cell. It has to occur cell by cell, because, as I explained, the fear and the substance of fear has become part of the four lower bodies and the individual cells over the centuries.

Thus, there is no other way that fear can come out of you except to be cooked out by love. That is the mystery of the cell becoming the Holy Grail. There is no other door through which you can enter except the door of the Sacred Heart of the Saviour. To go through that heart you must have perfect love.

When you have perfect love, fear is melted and God does not have to destroy the body in order to destroy the fear. God desires to leave our souls and our vehicles intact, for he wants our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies to pass through the ascension flame.

Without Love, You Destroy the Body Not the Fear

If love did not exist, you can imagine the alternative method. You can imagine yourself as an animal and you can see how fear interpenetrates the entire form, even as God’s light and his inner blueprint penetrates that form. The only way to get at that fear is to hack it out, butcher it out, destroying the animal as you destroy the fear.

This is insane. This is what drives people to murder, war and all of the atrocities. This is what happens to insane people when they are filled with all kinds of horror based on their own fear. They imagine in someone else the ultimate person of the devil, and the way to get rid of that devil is to destroy the physical vehicle, the body. However, it has not been destroyed at all, because the only way fear and every form of darkness in the earth can be destroyed is by perfect love, by transmutation.

We Must Surrender Fear to Receive Truth

Take each one of us seated here together. We each have an element of human fear that must go into the flame of perfect love in order to receive truth. Otherwise, if fear is present, the pronouncement of truth will strike terror in us and our fear will become torment.

Let us consider this as we analyze these few verses of Saint John. To begin with, I will go back to four verses preceding what I read to you earlier. This is verse 7: “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God.”

Saint John is speaking about everyone who is born of God. If everyone were born of God, he would not have to talk about everyone that loveth being born of God. In other words, Saint John knew the story of the fallen ones and their mechanization man and he knew, in the great wisdom that he had gained from Jesus Christ, that the mark of mechanization man is the inability to love.

Love is born of God. Love comes only from God, can only be transferred by God, and the only love that can be had by any of us is love that God first gave to us. As John says in verse 19, “We love him, because he first loved us.”

What was God’s first act of love? He endowed us with a threefold flame. In perfect love, God gave us himself, his love, his life. The threefold flame of life is the flame of love sustained by wisdom and power.

The Difference between Love and Human Sympathy

Mechanization man experiences human sympathy instead of perfect love. If you do not know it already, by and by, as you move on the path of life, you will come to discern the difference. Human sympathy is involved with self-pity and pity for others, but it is not love, nor is it compassion. Compassion heals because it elevates, because it has the strength of the dove of the Holy Spirit.

The world is full of human sympathy. Soap operas are full of it. The sympathetic attractions of people are like the sympathetic attractions of the planetary bodies that make up their individual astrology--the pushes and pulls of the magnetism of sympathetic relationships between bodies. Sympathetic relationships, then, are entertained by people who dwell mainly in a physical/astral consciousness. The vast majority of the world sustains its self-identity, its feeling of security, through human sympathy and sympathetic ties with people.

When people lack perfect love, they may suddenly cease to love you because you no longer manifest something that they expect from you. They expect you to perform in a certain way to meet their needs and when you do not, all of a sudden you no longer see their sympathetic and kindly attitude. Instead they become enangered or go into self-pity. They weep, they wail, they throw tantrums. They may become physically violent. They may decide that you are no longer their friend and put you out of their house or out of their club.

It happens with a bang, and you can’t even imagine how this could suddenly come upon people. Well, it cannot come upon people if they have perfect love, but it does come upon people when the basis of a relationship is sympathy. Perfect love means that because we are born of God and we know God, we have the instantaneous capacity to love God in each other.

Therefore we can continue to love God in each other no matter what the outer person does. We can love the light that is the fount of every living cell even if the entire consciousness that uses that forcefield is no longer in the service of God. We cannot simply stop loving God.

God is the fire at the heart of the cell that composes the pews that you are seated on. You know, some people hate inanimate things. They don’t like this, that or the next thing because they don’t like its color or shape or design. You do not have to experience hatred in any form, for “he that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

It’s very simple. If you cannot love, then you have not known your Mighty I AM Presence. Once you know your Mighty I AM Presence and make the contact, the fire of love is intense in its descent and it descends as the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son.

The Experience of Conversion

The Holy Spirit descending into your temple cooks out fear. Therefore, when God releases that Holy Spirit through his avatars, we are immediately converted to the light. A transfer of intense love has instantaneously melted our fear and we come to a experience of love.

I began by talking about having a reservoir of love in our heart to convey to people who need healing. Well, that is what the Ascended Masters have, and that is why, when you really make contact with them, you experience conversion. A portion of their love comes into your life and you are reborn. You experience a rebirth, which is another definition of conversion. However, you have to have something in you that can magnetize enough love to have a conversion experience. Even if there are layers and layers and layers of human infamy over it, the core of your being has to have the raw material--a God flame and some previous devotion to God’s love--to polarize with the love of an ascended being.

You also need to have a reservoir of love in your heart so that by magnetizing God’s love, you can be used as an instrument to transfer it to those who are in need of conversion, those who may not in themselves have enough of what is required to have a direct contact with an Ascended Master.

Therefore, it becomes the goal of your path to give of your heart’s love to someone who needs more love to experience conversion. You do this because your love for the God whom you know is so intense that it is transferred to the person before you who seems not to know God.

The Christ Is God’s Love Sent into the World

I will read verse 9. “In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him.” This is the perfect love of God.

He gave us in the beginning a threefold flame. We left off adoring it. It was reduced in size until we no longer knew the Son of God in our temple through that threefold flame. Thus the love of God was manifest in that he sent his only begotten Son, the Christ, the Universal Christ, into the temple of Jesus Christ so that we might live through that Christ.

This is also the love of Jesus Christ, because long before he ever took incarnation, he determined to pour out so much love to the Father that the Father would endow him with the fullness of that only begotten Son.

Verse 10: “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” We are never the originators of love. God first loved us and with his love we have done what we will. The exercise of our free will has determined how we have spent this love, which manifests as the energy of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Love Is the Propitiation for Our Sin

God’s love is the energy we misqualify, and therefore fear is misqualified love. I repeat, fear is misqualified love. The flame within our hearts, the presence of the Guru Jesus Christ and the Universal Christ as your Christ Self, is God’s love sent into the world to be the propitiation for our sin.

How is it the propitiation for our sin? By the very process I explained, by the great mystery of love burning with an alchemical heat to transform the elements of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies within the cells. That is how the Son of God who comes into your temple is the propitiation for your sin.

He adds unto your temple his momentum of the sacred fire of love and takes upon himself your fears, your sins, which you have not been able to transmute because you have not been able to wax hot in your fervor for Almighty God. That is why God has denounced those who are lukewarm, because the lukewarm can’t boil the pot. They cannot change or have the alchemy of the Holy Ghost.

God looks upon a dead and dying world, marked by its coldness--coldness of temperature, of people and their hate and hate creation--and he sends love into the midst of it to heat it up so that this substance can be skimmed off and the real gold of the souls can be born and become God. This is God’s way of salvation.

The Alternative to God’s Way of Salvation

What happens when people reject that way of salvation? There is no other way. Jesus Christ said, “I AM the door, no man cometh to the Father but by me.” <1> Without the Holy Christ Flame and the Holy Christ Self, we cannot purge our temples of fear. The only way is by the love incarnate in the Word.

God has had to provide an alternative, the second death, for those who have refused to accelerate love to create the figure-eight flow of transmutation. Then the matter and the substance will involuntarily--not according to the free will of the individual, but involuntarily, according to the laws of God--be sent to the Great Central Sun. There the sacred fire cooks it, transmutes it, and once again the components of energy are free, ready to be used in alternative creations.

It is comforting to know that there is an alternative, that free will has its responsibilities, its clear-cut definitions, and those who are not responsible, those who never come into the perfection of love, cannot go through the transition of the fiery coil of the ascension to the I AM Presence. They must go through the disintegration spiral whereby the coil of fire passing through them disintegrates these molecules of fear, separates them out, lets them go back to the Central Sun and be stripped of this absence of the polarity of love.

A Warring in Our Members

Verse 11: “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” Paul spoke of the warring in his members and of that which he would do that he did not, and that which he would not do that he did. <2> The warring in our members, our being at odds with ourselves, disliking ourselves, the portion of the self that is untransmuted islands of darkness confront-ing islands of light, is a mixture that is not in harmony. Therefore, there is a war going on, an Armageddon in the temple.

I say this because the apostle Paul would have us love one another within our own temple. He teaches the science of harmony whereby we establish the love of parts of ourself for the other parts of ourself. The heart is the seat of love and it will send forth love to the mind, to the soul, to the subconscious, to the liver, to the kidneys, to the stomach, to the lungs. There must be an inner flow of love. Like the figure-eight flow between the heart chakra and the Mighty I AM Presence or between the cell and the Sun behind the cell, there must be a figure-eight flow between every part of the body. Every part of the body is interconnected; it receives constant messages through the nerves, through the light traveling through the bloodstream. The entire body is in contact with the entire body, and it is a cosmos. Every part of the body has to have a loving relationship with every other part of the body.

This is not silly. If you bite your nails, eat too much food, smoke cigarettes, take drugs, fail to be good to yourself, there’s a warring in your members. A part of you doesn’t like another part of you and so you get even with the part that you don’t like by doing something that is damaging to the physical body.

An Anti-Mother Momentum

The more psychological disturbances people have, the more they inflict all kinds of things upon their physical bodies. People do atrocious things to their bodies. We know therefore that there is a force of anti-body, and since the body is the Mother, it is an anti-Mother force that has us do things that de-stroy the wholeness and the figure-eight flow within our beings.

In fact, it’s the anti-Mother momentum that causes us to sin, to make karma and to fear, to the extent that we function only at a certain percentage of capacity. The cells and the various organs are working only at a certain capacity and we have to look squarely at the conditions whereby we allow this to continue.

This is the sword of truth, and it is the all-seeing eye of the fifth ray that puts a spotlight on our subconscious momentums and reveals to each one those elements of self-hatred that are really the hatred of the Great God Self. Self-doubt and fear are really the doubt and fear of the Great God Self.

These things have shortened the lifespan of the evolutions of which we are a part, have caused aging, disease, death, and so forth. So we must love one another and we must see to it that elements within the desire body and the mental body are not inflicted upon the physical body. Then we go out into other bodies, our brothers and our sisters, and we see to it that not by the spoken word, not by an unkind remark or something vicious or sarcastic do we inflict upon another body the hatred contained within ourselves for a part of ourselves.

The only time people are mean or ornery or destructive to others is when there is an absence of resolution within the self, and that absence of resolution goes back to the soul’s relationship to God. The point of this scripture is that fear has torment and the fear that is entertained is ultimately the fear of the day of judgment.

Fear of the Day of Judgment

Verse 17: “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.” As he is above, the Mighty I AM Presence, Jesus Christ and the Christ Self, so are we in the world, because our soul is a reflecting pool. By perfect love, our reflecting pool reflects the perfection of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit by the fervent love that perpetuates the figure-eight flow.

What is boldness in the day of judgment? Why, we step right up to the Karmic Board and say, “Here I am. By the authority of God’s holy will in me, I call forth the judgment and I am ready, Lord, for your judgment.”

Do people on the planet fear the day of judgment so intensely that they cannot even face their fear? Their fear has become subconscious, interpenetrating the cells to become a calcification that we begin to notice in the personality as an intense rigidity or intolerance or fanaticism.

Then calcification as rigidity becomes ineffectiveness. People are so frightened that they can’t move or take decisive action. They become superstitious or anxious to amass wealth, as all of their fears are centered in the idea that they might lose their soul. They have such a momentum of doubt in their world that the way to compensate it is to get into the success cult and amass wealth and more wealth.

Fear is expressed in a thousand ways. The All-Seeing Eye of God and the Holy Spirit will enable you to understand the torment of fear in people’s lives. They sit in front of the television set for hours every day because they fear reality. They fear to live a real life, a real love, a real relationship, a real family. They live vicariously through all the meaningless things that parade by on that TV set.

That is fear, but do they look frightened? They laugh, talk, keep eating and get fat on what they eat when they watch TV instead of going out and exercising and breathing prana. You wouldn’t look at a person and say, “Well, that person is full of fear.” So you think of every other word that you can name, such as disorganization, disorderliness, astral substance, houses that aren’t cleaned, people that are sloppy, and you list all the different conditions of consciousness.

It’s an absence of focalization in the center of the sun of your heart and in the center of the sun of your cells. That center is the Cosmic Cross of White Fire and a Cosmic Cross of White Fire seals every cell of your four lower bodies. To be at that point of alignment is to have true life and true love and to have it here and now.

“Boldness in the Day of Judgment”

What we are all striving for is “Boldness in the day of judgment.” We cannot have boldness in the day of judgment, unless we have brought our fears (called sin by the world) to God. I say that every fear is a sin unless it is the real awe of the Lord, the fear of the Lord that has a healthy respect for the vast laws of cosmos and for God’s presence in our lives.

Every other fear is sin because it is anti-love and an absence of love. We retain fear or sin because we have not confessed our sins or, in confessing them, we haven’t released them to be consumed. Every accumulation of fear in our cells has behind it the consciousness of an act of sin, which can be a thought, a feeling, a word or a deed, an unchecked momentum.

The substance of fear didn’t arrive in your cells because dust came out of the sky; it arrived there because of your misuse of the love flame of your heart. So the accumulation of substance that is built into the very cells must be put into the flame by the confession of sin and the acknowledgment that that fear itself is now denounced and forsaken and will not be embraced again.

We have to consume the substance of fear and the consciousness behind the substance. The consciousness of fear behind the fear is the cause behind the effect, like the spiritual Sun behind the cell. They are parallel. The perfect Sun of love is behind the sun of the cell and the imperfect consciousness of fear is behind the misqualified energy that comes into your body causing disease and limitation--limitation in that you cannot do certain things, your mind is limited, you do not have the intelligence you should have or the ability to perform effectively.

I hope from the teaching given so far that you have an enlightened sense of what is fear, what is sin and what is the cause of fear.

to be continued


The lecture “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear” was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on November 20, 1980, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. John 10:9.

2. Romans 7:15-23.