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Abundance Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Abundance Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Stream of Abundance

Tune in now to our new Perpetual Abundance Streaming Decrees

Simply click on the link below, log-in and tap into streaming fifth ray decrees 24/7!

This perpetual audio stream provides a special combination of affirmations, decrees and songs to help you. Bring forth the abundance, wealth, prosperity and help you precipitate the blessings of the emerald ray into your life.

Follow along with the audio recordings with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and experience the power of the green ray and its qualities of precipitation, healing and wholeness. Available FREE to members of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

Connect With Abundance I AM Affirmations and Decrees!

It's Fast and Easy!

Click Broadcast Log In to log in to the Member Area and go to the Broadcast page.
On the top 24/7 line, Click > Abundance to immediately connect!
free broadcast link

Subscribers can also connect directly in your media player!

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